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Company information
Foundation year: 2009
Broker type: Forex broker; Binary options broker; CFDs broker; Shares broker; Futures broker; Options broker; Spread Betting broker;
Regulated by: ASIC - Australia | CONSOB - Italy | CySEC - Cyprus |
Website: Arabic | English | French | German | Italian | Russian | Spanish | Chinese | Dutch | Hungarian | Portuguese | Swedish | Turkish | Czech | Danish | Malay | Polish | Slovacco |
Account options
Account currencies: USD
Traders From USA No
Islamic Account No
Scalping No
Hedging Yes
Free Demo Account Yes
Mobile Trading Yes
Maximum Leverage 400:1
Broker Type Market Maker
Minimum Deposit 50
Minimum Trade Size 10
Fees and commisions
Margin Interest Yes
Depositing Fees Yes
Trading and Investment Tools
Charting Package Yes
Trade off Charts Yes
Streaming News Feed Yes
Email Alerts Yes
Mobile Alerts Yes
Stop Order Yes
Limit Order Yes
Market Order Yes
Trailing Stop Order No
OCO Orders No
One-Click Trading Yes
24hr Trading Yes
Mobile Trading Yes
Service details
Languages Arabic English French German Italian Russian Swedish Turkish Polish
Personal Account Manager Yes
Telephone orders Yes
Customer Service Hours 24 hours 5 days a week
Email Response Time up to 24 hours