Using Real Time Charting

Our comprehensive charting tool helps you to plot charts on companies, indices, and other securities over different time periods. The charts help illustrate the market place with technical indicator tools, drawings and news annotations.

The price and volume of trades are shown in a variety of styles including candlestick, area, step etc. You pick the type of charts you want to see. View charts over 5 years or zoom in to show them over 1 day. The tick frequency is also your choice which will update the data tick over, the chart can update every day, minute, second whatever you want.

The chart settings can be changed using the features in the drop down boxes along the top. Our charts contain a wide range of choices - moving averages, price bands, overlays, annotations and indicators - perfect for technical analysts. You can add this analysis directly to the charts by drawing on them.

Where applicable, you can overlay various moving averages to view share price trends and view a range of key technical indicators to help analyse price changes in more detail.

Use the news to your advantage by incorporating it into your charts. You can plot news stories, broker tips and more right on your chart and see how they move the share price. Directors dealings, company announcements and dividends are also available to add to the graph.

How do you draw a chart?

Get started with charting and open the Real Time terminal. The FTSE100 is the default but you can change this by entering the ticker (stock market code) of a particular security, select the time period you want to display and press "Go" to draw the chart. (Don't worry there is a search here too for any tickers you don't know). Compare multiple companies, indices and sectors all on one chart too just by simply adding them in the 'comparisons' tab.

So why is this useful?

It is exciting to see the price as it is changing in Real Time. Having the visual aid of the charts allows you to fully comprehend where the price is moving. Benefit from personalising your charts to show information unique to you. You can save or print your charts too for future reference.