Using Heat Maps

The Streaming Heat Maps tool gives a colour coded visual view on companies that are moving in the market in Real Time. This graphical representation of the data gives you the opportunity to have a quick overview of the performance of stocks against each other. Heat Maps are useful to view sectors and indices as a whole. The map updates in Real Time so you can see what is 'hot and not' in the market as it is happening.

You can view by index, sector or sort by ticker or value. To change the views click on the corresponding drop down box. It covers the following indices:

Also view the Heat Map by sector from Aerospace & Defence through to Travel & Leisure.

The map shows the ticker of the company, the current traded share price in pence, along with the percentage change in price today from last nights closing price. For a quick link to the company with the ability to view more information just left click on the ticker. This opens a box with price, financial and reference data.

The pop out has information on the Real Time updating price at the moment, the open price and the previous close price. The last trade price, size and trade time is also updated on here. With all of this information you will know exactly what is going on in the market place.

The colour codes: If the box is flashing Blue this is a 'buy' trade. The Blue background means the stock is up. A Red flash is a 'sell' trade that has just occurred. Red means the stock is down, and white means no change. The deeper the shade of the Blue and Red colour, the bigger the change.