Using the Terminal

The Real Time terminal is your personal space holding all the tools you need to see what is happening in the market. Here you have all the tools offered in one simple terminal which is easy to use and navigate around. You can even have up to eight Real Time windows open at one time, with each streaming different data.

A - This is the quotes box, if you click on this and then enter the ticker (or click on the search button to find the company you are interested in) you'll be able to see the price data, financial data and reference data for this company, all updating in real time.

B - Level 2, this works in the same way as the level 2 tool you can access independently of the terminal so just enter the ticker and you'll see the level 2 for this company.

C - Charts, this opens with the FTSE100 as the default, you can just enter the ticker and see the chart in real time. Change the time period by clicking on the drop down, the type of chart (line, candlestick, area etc) and the tick frequency of how you're seeing the data tick over. You can also do comparisons, annotate the chart, draw on it and add indicators or overlays.

D - Trades, this will show you the latest trades for a company just enter the ticker and see the trades in real time.

E - News, this will show you the latest news. You can select the news source you're interested in by clicking on 'Sources and Categories' and making your selections from the drop down. You can also view news by a ticker just enter the ticker or look at old news, again just enter the ticker.

F - Alerts, you can set up alerts that will go off in the terminal, for example if you want to know when a company hits a certain price.

G - Watchlist, you can see your watchlists in real time, just select which watchlist you are interested in from the drop down. You can also create a new one, and see prices for all the companies you are interested in updating in real time.

H - Heatmap, you can see a heatmap updating in real time. Just select from the drop down which index (or sector) you wish to see and click go.

I - Top Movers, here you can see the top movers from an index or sector. Just select which index (or sector) you want to look at and the type (risers or fallers) and click go.

The best thing about the terminal is that you can add any of these tools (we actually call them applets) more than once. So you can have the top risers, then open another applet and have the top fallers.

You can also create more than one desktop so you can create the layout you are looking for. Just click on the plus sign, enter a name for the new desktop and click ok.