Investment Clubs

Guide: Getting started

How to get started

Setting up an investment club is easy.

All you need to begin is one or two friends who share your enthusiasm. They may also know people interested in setting up an investment club. Clubs can have from 2-20 people and on average clubs have 14 members.

The first step is to have an exploratory meeting. Three key issues should be agreed upon at this stage.

  • Who else will you invite to join?
  • Approximately what level of financial commitment should be involved?
  • Where will be a good place to meet? For example you could set up regular meetings at your local pub, at home or at work.

    At this meeting you should also consider purchasing Proshare's Investment Club Manual, which will set out the full rules that you should follow to set up a club.

    You should also bear some important points in mind:

  • All investment decisions must be democratic - one member; one vote
  • No member can be paid for their services

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