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  • Friday newspaper round-up: HS2, Airbus, Millennium & Copthorne

    Friday 15 Dec 2017

    (ShareCast News) - The US's top media regulator voted to end rules protecting an open internet on Thursday, a move critics warn will hand control of the future of the web to cable and telecoms companies. At a packed meeting of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in Washington, the watchdog's commissioners voted three to two to dismantle the "net neutrality" rules that prevent internet service providers (ISPs) from charging websites more for delivering certain services or blocking others should they, for example, compete with services the cable company also offers. - Guardian

  • Wednesday newspaper round-up: Ryanair, Uber, Walt Disney/21st Century Fox

    Wednesday 13 Dec 2017

    (ShareCast News) - The World Bank will end its financial support for oil and gas exploration within the next two years in response to the growing threat posed by climate change. In a statement that delighted campaigners opposed to fossil fuels, the Bank used a conference in Paris to announce that it "will no longer finance upstream oil and gas" after 2019. - Guardian

  • Tuesday newspaper round-up: Trump tax warning, oil pipeline, Comcast, wages

    Tuesday 12 Dec 2017

    (ShareCast News) - Philip Hammond has joined other EU treasury ministers in warning President Trump about tax plans that they say would breach international agreements and hammer the City of London. In a letter they express "significant concerns" that the Trump administration's tax plans would have a "major distortive impact on international trade". - The Times

  • Monday newspaper round-up: Brexit, energy cap, fund charges, defence review

    Monday 11 Dec 2017

    (ShareCast News) - Theresa May will insist that "nothing is agreed until everything is agreed" on the terms of Brexit after the Irish government claimed that last week's preliminary deal is binding. The Prime Minister will say in the House of Commons on Monday that although she is optimistic that a deep and special future deal can be agreed, last week's agreement is contingent on such an outcome. - Telegraph

  • Sunday newspaper round-up: Retail M&A, Unilever, Brexit trade deal, bitcoin, Apple

    Sunday 10 Dec 2017

    (ShareCast News) - The City is beginning to talk excitedly about the prospect of a flurry of deals in UK retail as many of the big names seriously struggle, with the tipping being the expected green light for Tesco's takeover of wholesaler Booker. A tie-up between Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury's is one, but senior retailers insist almost anything is possible in the current climate, involving Next, Morrisons, Asda or the long-rumoured merger of Debenhams and House of Fraser. - Sunday Telegraph

  • Friday newspaper round-up: Bitcoin, Asda, Pret, Buzzfeed

    Friday 08 Dec 2017

    (ShareCast News) - Bitcoin has been likened to Dante's Inferno by the chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland. As the digital currency surged towards $16,000, Sir Howard Davies suggested it should carry a similarly apocalyptic warning for investors. Davies, a former head of the UK's top financial watchdog, called on the Bank of England and other authorities around the world to launch a coordinated warning against the digital currency. - Guardian

  • Thursday newspaper round-up: China, Brexit, zombie companies

    Thursday 07 Dec 2017

    (ShareCast News) - Fears that China risks being the cause of a fresh global financial crisis have been highlighted by the International Monetary Fund in a hard-hitting warning about the growing debt-dependency of the world's second biggest economy. The IMF's health check of China's financial system found that credit was high by international levels, that personal debt had increased in the past five years, and that the pressure to maintain the country's rapid growth had bred an unwillingness to let struggling firms fail. - Guardian

  • Wednesday newspaper round-up: Brexit, UK electoral laws, GE, Deliveroo

    Wednesday 06 Dec 2017

    (ShareCast News) - Theresa May is facing mounting pressure to secure a breakthrough in EU negotiations after the Democratic Unionist party expressed shock at the handling of the Irish border question and Brexit-supporting Conservatives said the time had come to walk away. Senior cabinet members also voiced unease at May's tactics, and complained they were not informed in advance about Downing Street's plan to promise the EU some form of "regulatory alignment" to help move the divorce talks on to the next stage. - Guardian

  • Tuesday newspaper round-up: Housebuilders, LSE, RBS

    Tuesday 05 Dec 2017

    (ShareCast News) - More than one in six people working on housebuilding sites across Britain come from other EU countries, rising to half of site workers in London, according to a new report. A survey of 37,000 housebuilding workers across Britain shows 17.7% are from the EU. More than half of those come from Romania, with 12% from Poland and almost 10% from Ireland. - Guardian

  • Monday newspaper round-up: BIS warning, Bitcoin, BT, AstraZeneca, Fox

    Monday 04 Dec 2017

    (ShareCast News) - Investors are ignoring warning signs that financial markets could be overheating and consumer debts are rising to unsustainable levels, the global body for central banks has warned in its quarterly financial health check. The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) said the situation in the global economy was similar to the pre-2008 crash era when investors, seeking high returns, borrowed heavily to invest in risky assets, despite moves by central banks to tighten access to credit. - The Guardian

  • Sunday newspaper round-up: GlaxoSmithKline, tax havens, Palmer & Harvey, M&S, Christmas suits

    Sunday 03 Dec 2017

    (ShareCast News) - Billions of pounds of new investment in Britain's burgeoning life sciences sector will be announced this week, with Glaxosmithkline among those unveiling significant projects. About two dozen companies, as well as health charities and the government, are poised to plough funding into projects involving artificial intelligence (AI), genomics, and research into new drugs. - The Sunday Times

  • Friday newspaper round-up: Productivity, Opec, Stagecoach, IAG, RBS

    Friday 01 Dec 2017

    (ShareCast News) - Raising productivity is a far bigger economic challenge for Britain than Brexit, senior officials at the Office for Budget Responsibility said yesterday as they hit back at allegations of bias. Leave supporting politicians have accused the office of producing excessively gloomy forecasts that cast Brexit in a bad light but Robert Chote, chairman of the government's fiscal watchdog, said the claims were "without any foundation whatsoever". - The Times

  • Thursday newspaper round-up: LSE, Brexit developments, Barclays, iPhones

    Thursday 30 Nov 2017

    (ShareCast News) - A vote to oust Donald Brydon, chairman of the London Stock Exchange Group, hung in the balance last night after the rebel hedge fund chief calling for his head declined to back down in the face of an ultimatum from the company. In a day of high drama for the embattled operator of the stock exchange, Xavier Rolet, the chief executive, said he was quitting immediately and would not return under any circumstance. Mr Brydon agreed to leave, too, but only by April 2019. - The Times

  • Wednesday newspaper round-up: Cash machines, UK houses, construction sector

    Wednesday 29 Nov 2017

    (ShareCast News) - The UK's cash machine network has been asked by the head of the Treasury select committee to clarify how many of the country's 55,000 free-to-use ATMs will close as a result of proposed changes to the way the system operates. The industry lobby group, the ATM Industry Association, has warned the changes put forward by the Link network could lead to parts of the UK becoming 'ATM deserts' with at least 10,000 free-to-use cash machines at risk. - Guardian

  • Tuesday newspaper round-up: ADS 'misled', IAG, Rio Tinto, oil prices

    Tuesday 28 Nov 2017

    (ShareCast News) - The aerospace and defence industry is privately angry at being "misled" by ministers over the industrial strategy and being left without a sector deal to get government support. Paul Everitt, chief executive of ADS, the industry lobby group that represents aerospace, defence and security manufacturers, said that he was seeking urgent talks with ministers about the sector's omission, despite being one of Britain's largest investors in research and development. - The Times

  • Monday newspaper round-up: Industrial strategy, military spending, house prices

    Monday 27 Nov 2017

    (ShareCast News) - The government is to highlight five key areas where the UK needs to improve its performance when it reveals on Monday the details of a new industrial strategy designed to increase productivity. Greg Clark, the business secretary, will announce the creation of an independent watchdog to monitor progress made in boosting innovation, upgrading infrastructure, increasing the level of workplace skills, ensuring that the strength of the City is reflected in funds for companies and spreading prosperity to all parts of the country. - Guardian

  • Sunday newspaper round-up: Brexit payment, UK industrial strategy, TV ads, Shell, Lloyds

    Sunday 26 Nov 2017

    (ShareCast News) - Theresa May has agreed with Brussels that Britain will hand over more than £40bn when the UK leaves the EU - but keep the final bill secret from the public even when the final deal is done in 2019. EU negotiators said the prime minister had provided a clear assurance to fellow leaders that her cabinet has agreed to pay more money after a crunch meeting last week - paving the way for formal talks on a new trade agreement to be approved at a summit in Brussels next month. - Sunday Times

  • Friday newspaper round-up: Brexit offer, flat pay, insurance, Black Friday

    Friday 24 Nov 2017

    (ShareCast News) - Theresa May will tell Donald Tusk on Friday she is prepared to give ground on the Brexit divorce bill as Brussels demands a written guarantee of more money to unlock trade talks. The European Council President will make it clear to the Prime Minister that Britain must give a "no strings attached" promise of paying substantially more than the current £20 billion on offer. - Telegraph

  • Thursday newspaper round-up: Car production, broadband providers, Monarch

    Thursday 23 Nov 2017

    (ShareCast News) - Car production increased last month as rising exports made up for falling demand in the UK, new figures reveal. Just over 157,000 cars rolled off production lines in October, 3.5% more than the same month last year, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). - Guardian

  • Wednesday newspaper round-up: Uber hack, Hinckley Point, LSE

    Wednesday 22 Nov 2017

    (ShareCast News) - Uber concealed a massive global breach of the personal information of 57 million customers and drivers in October 2016, failing to notify the individuals and regulators, the company acknowledged on Tuesday. Uber also confirmed it had paid the hackers responsible $100,000 to delete the data and keep the breach quiet, which was first reported by Bloomberg. - Guardian

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