AstraZeneca (AZN)

Sector: Pharma and Biotech     Index: FTSE 100
17:30 23/11/17
17:30 23/11/17
17:36 23/11/17
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Date Broker name New Price Old price
New price
16-Nov-17 Jefferies  Hold 5,011.00p 5,100.00p 5,100.00p Reiteration
06-Nov-17 Investec Securities  Buy 5,131.00p 4,900.00p 5,500.00p Reiteration
01-Nov-17 Berenberg Bank  Buy 5,155.00p 5,800.00p 5,800.00p Reiteration
01-Nov-17 HSBC  Reduce 5,155.00p 4,150.00p 4,340.00p Reiteration
31-Oct-17 Shore Capital  Hold 5,032.00p 0.00p 0.00p Reiteration
09-Oct-17 Shore Capital  Hold 5,172.00p 0.00p 0.00p Reiteration
09-Oct-17 HSBC  Reduce 5,172.00p 4,100.00p 4,150.00p Reiteration
15-Sep-17 Credit Suisse  Neutral 4,719.50p 4,700.00p 4,800.00p Reiteration
11-Sep-17 JP Morgan Cazenove  Neutral 4,890.00p 4,200.00p 4,200.00p Reiteration
11-Sep-17 Jefferies  Hold 4,890.00p 4,350.00p 4,800.00p Reiteration
11-Sep-17 Berenberg Bank  Buy 4,890.00p 5,500.00p 5,500.00p Reiteration
11-Sep-17 HSBC  Reduce 4,890.00p 4,100.00p 4,100.00p Reiteration
11-Sep-17 Bryan, Garnier & Co  Buy 4,890.00p 4,700.00p 5,380.00p Upgrade
07-Sep-17 Citigroup  Buy 4,774.00p 600.00p 600.00p Reiteration
05-Sep-17 Deutsche  Buy 4,573.50p 0.00p 5,300.00p Reiteration
29-Aug-17 Goldman Sachs  Sell 4,491.50p 3,900.00p 3,800.00p Reiteration
29-Aug-17 Shore Capital  Hold 4,491.50p 0.00p 0.00p Reiteration
24-Aug-17 Jefferies  Hold 4,539.50p 4,400.00p 4,350.00p Reiteration
09-Aug-17 Investec Securities  Buy 4,506.00p 5,000.00p 4,900.00p Upgrade
01-Aug-17 Jefferies  Hold 4,490.00p 4,900.00p 4,400.00p Reiteration
28-Jul-17 Morgan Stanley  Equal-weight 4,481.50p 5,600.00p 4,700.00p DownGrade
28-Jul-17 Deutsche  Buy 4,481.50p 0.00p 5,700.00p Reiteration
28-Jul-17 JP Morgan Cazenove  Neutral 4,481.50p 5,000.00p 4,200.00p Reiteration
28-Jul-17 Credit Suisse  Neutral 4,481.50p 5,000.00p 4,700.00p Reiteration
28-Jul-17 Citigroup  Buy 4,481.50p 0.00p 6,000.00p Reiteration
13-Jul-17 Shore Capital  Hold 5,013.00p 0.00p 0.00p Reiteration
13-Jul-17 Citigroup  Buy 5,013.00p 0.00p 6,000.00p Reiteration
03-Jul-17 Barclays  Overweight 5,163.00p 6,000.00p 6,300.00p Reiteration
30-Jun-17 Deutsche  Buy 5,135.00p 0.00p 5,700.00p Reiteration
23-Jun-17 Morgan Stanley  Overweight 5,401.00p 0.00p 5,600.00p Reiteration
20-Jun-17 Credit Suisse  Neutral 5,416.00p 0.00p 5,000.00p Reiteration
12-Jun-17 Shore Capital  House Stock 5,285.00p 0.00p 0.00p Reiteration
02-Jun-17 Shore Capital  Hold 5,364.00p 0.00p 0.00p Reiteration
30-May-17 Jefferies  Sell 5,215.00p 0.00p 3,900.00p Reiteration
26-May-17 Investec Securities  Hold 5,227.00p 0.00p 5,000.00p Reiteration
17-May-17 Berenberg Bank  Buy 5,255.00p 5,670.00p 5,850.00p Reiteration
12-May-17 Shore Capital  Sell 5,176.00p 0.00p 0.00p Reiteration
12-May-17 Jefferies  Hold 5,176.00p 4,900.00p 4,700.00p Reiteration
10-May-17 Shore Capital  Sell 4,712.50p 0.00p 0.00p Reiteration
28-Apr-17 Shore Capital  Sell 4,637.50p 0.00p 0.00p Reiteration
28-Apr-17 Deutsche  Buy 4,637.50p 5,500.00p 5,350.00p Reiteration
28-Apr-17 Barclays  Overweight 4,637.50p 60.00p 60.00p Reiteration
21-Apr-17 Jefferies  Hold 4,566.00p 5,050.00p 4,900.00p Reiteration
12-Apr-17 Barclays  Overweight 4,734.50p 60.00p 60.00p Reiteration
10-Apr-17 Jefferies  Hold 4,738.00p 5,350.00p 5,050.00p DownGrade
07-Apr-17 HSBC  Reduce 4,793.50p 4,500.00p 4,500.00p DownGrade
07-Apr-17 Deutsche  Buy 4,793.50p 0.00p 5,500.00p Reiteration
27-Mar-17 Shore Capital  Sell 4,974.50p 0.00p 0.00p Reiteration
09-Mar-17 Jefferies  Buy 4,764.50p 5,250.00p 5,350.00p Reiteration
20-Feb-17 Shore Capital  Sell 4,570.00p 0.00p 4,595.00p Reiteration
17-Feb-17 Jefferies  Buy 4,595.00p 4,800.00p 5,250.00p Reiteration
08-Feb-17 Exane BNP Paribas  Neutral 4,484.50p 0.00p 5,300.00p Reiteration
07-Feb-17 HSBC  Hold 4,449.50p 4,700.00p 4,500.00p Reiteration
07-Feb-17 JP Morgan Cazenove  Neutral 4,449.50p 4,300.00p 4,200.00p Reiteration
06-Feb-17 Deutsche  Buy 4,387.50p 0.00p 5,500.00p Reiteration
03-Feb-17 Credit Suisse  Underperform 4,358.00p 0.00p 4,000.00p Reiteration
03-Feb-17 UBS  Buy 4,358.00p 0.00p 5,000.00p Reiteration
30-Jan-17 Jefferies  Buy 4,260.50p 5,400.00p 4,800.00p Reiteration
25-Jan-17 Exane BNP Paribas  Neutral 4,262.50p 0.00p 5,300.00p Reiteration
25-Jan-17 HSBC  Hold 4,262.50p 4,700.00p 4,700.00p Reiteration
24-Jan-17 Goldman Sachs  Sell 4,215.00p 0.00p 3,900.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Deutsche  Buy 4,580.50p 0.00p 6,000.00p Reiteration
13-Jan-17 Jefferies  Buy 4,609.00p 5,400.00p 5,400.00p Reiteration
11-Jan-17 UBS  Buy 4,577.00p 5,000.00p 5,000.00p Reiteration
11-Jan-17 Credit Suisse  Underperform 4,577.00p 0.00p 4,000.00p Reiteration
20-Dec-16 Shore Capital  Hold 4,331.50p 0.00p 0.00p Reiteration
12-Dec-16 Bryan, Garnier & Co  Buy 4,206.00p 0.00p 5,100.00p Reiteration
12-Dec-16 HSBC  Hold 4,206.00p 4,700.00p 4,700.00p Reiteration
12-Dec-16 Deutsche  Buy 4,206.00p 0.00p 6,000.00p Reiteration
07-Dec-16 UBS  Buy 4,007.00p 5,480.00p 5,000.00p Reiteration
06-Dec-16 JP Morgan Cazenove  Neutral 4,037.50p 0.00p 4,600.00p Reiteration
06-Dec-16 Berenberg Bank  Buy 4,037.50p 0.00p 5,500.00p Reiteration
30-Nov-16 Deutsche  Buy 4,149.50p 0.00p 6,000.00p Reiteration