ASX 200 (ASX200)

07:36 18/08/17
07:36 18/08/17
52 Week High
52 Week Low


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Name Closing Price EPS Revenue (m) Pre-tax Profit (m) Operating P/L (m) Net Asset (m) Shareholders Funds (m) Cash in Bank (m)
Arrium Limited 0.02A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Abacus Property Group 3.45A$ 19.10A$ A$236.12 A$10.50 A$76.16 A$1,107.89 A$1,056.92 A$54.13
Adelaide Brighton Limited 5.96A$ 23.30A$ A$1,096.80 A$206.40 A$187.70 A$957.10 A$954.20 A$11.00
Ainsworth Game Technology Limited 2.36A$ -1.00A$ A$69.28 -A$2.37 A$4.59 A$15.13 A$15.13 A$6.14
ALS Limited 7.88A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Alumina Limited 2.05A$ 5.20A$ A$0.20 A$127.60 -A$17.00 A$2,854.00 A$2,854.00 A$19.00
Amcor Limited 16.18A$ 34.00A$ A$12,192.90 A$566.40 A$735.20 A$3,379.60 A$3,291.10 A$357.60
AMP Limited 5.13A$ 34.30A$ A$1,877.00 A$673.00 A$1,586.00 A$6,897.00 A$6,829.00 A$4,652.00
Ansell Limited 21.67A$ 99.10A$ A$1,218.30 A$144.50 A$149.40 A$720.80 A$706.70 A$245.80
APA Group 8.39A$ 19.52A$ A$1,032.40 A$181.09 A$393.47 A$1,614.04 A$1,227.14 A$329.93
Aquila Resources Limited 0.00A$ -0.10A$ A$197.07 A$1.14 -A$4.07 A$511.20 A$511.20 A$49.15
Arb Corporation Limited 16.70A$ 46.28A$ A$228.00 A$44.81 A$44.60 A$111.41 A$111.41 A$20.90
Ardent Leisure Group 2.03A$ 12.91A$ A$390.07 A$15.19 A$27.66 A$406.65 A$406.65 A$11.69
Aristocrat Leisure Limited 21.44A$ 12.30A$ A$704.30 A$85.46 A$106.05 A$252.14 A$254.87 A$29.35
ASX Limited 53.78A$ 194.53A$ A$783.80 A$482.40 A$596.20 A$2,995.00 A$2,995.00 A$2,528.60
Atlas Iron Limited 0.02A$ -13.00A$ A$617.54 A$7.56 A$6.06 A$1,865.09 A$1,865.09 A$399.54
Aurizon Holdings Limited 5.17A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Australand Property Group 0.00A$ 24.40A$ A$631.32 A$166.41 A$213.98 A$2,266.00 A$1,591.95 A$93.29
Australia And New Zealand Banking Group Limited 30.01A$ 213.40A$ A$17,316.00 A$7,994.00 A$7,599.00 A$41,220.00 A$41,171.00 A$36,578.00
AVEO Group 2.69A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
AWE Limited 0.45A$ -12.74A$ A$299.73 -A$63.14 -A$58.85 A$855.02 A$855.02 A$42.76
Bank of Queensland Limited. 12.68A$ -10.04A$ A$846.40 -A$19.30 -A$19.30 A$2,899.20 A$2,899.20 A$670.50
Bc Iron Limited 0.17A$ -1.46A$ A$0.48 -A$2.41 -A$3.46 A$39.00 A$39.00 A$28.76
Beach Energy Limited 0.62A$ 10.67A$ A$618.62 A$187.81 A$194.63 A$1,611.85 A$1,611.85 A$378.51
Beadell Resources Limited 0.22A$ -5.00A$ n/a -A$35.00 -A$35.79 A$52.69 A$52.69 A$40.13
Bega Cheese Ltd Npv 6.54A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited 12.33A$ 81.36A$ A$1,225.20 A$326.10 A$325.40 A$4,217.70 A$4,217.70 A$288.80
BHP Billiton Ltd. 25.39A$ 321.60A$ A$72,226.00 A$23,022.00 A$23,752.00 A$67,085.00 A$65,870.00 A$4,781.00
Bluescope Steel Limited 14.11A$ -53.40A$ A$8,453.60 -A$976.10 -A$912.00 A$3,778.80 A$3,679.30 A$214.50
Boral Limited. 6.98A$ 12.67A$ A$4,716.20 A$181.30 A$235.40 A$3,403.40 A$3,329.10 A$205.70
Brambles Limited 9.76A$ 42.10A$ A$5,625.00 A$787.20 A$933.70 A$2,740.40 A$2,740.40 A$174.20
Breville Group Limited 11.09A$ 21.98A$ A$420.89 A$30.55 A$34.08 A$150.22 A$150.22 A$13.56
Buru Energy Limited 0.17A$ -2.45A$ A$2.02 -A$7.40 -A$13.56 A$109.54 A$109.54 A$62.36
BWP Trust 2.90A$ 13.43A$ A$101.66 A$69.93 A$90.01 A$973.96 A$973.96 A$24.73
Cabcharge Australia Limited 2.15A$ 49.70A$ A$179.53 A$79.65 A$64.76 A$320.77 A$320.77 A$51.16
Caltex Australia Limited 32.59A$ 97.70A$ A$22,105.20 -A$1,021.77 -A$955.40 A$2,218.07 A$2,206.00 A$1.82
Cardno Limited 1.16A$ 34.84A$ A$963.95 A$105.04 A$110.67 A$548.89 A$548.89 A$107.86
Challenger Limited 12.14A$ 57.50A$ A$1,387.70 A$154.50 A$670.90 A$2,044.50 A$1,692.20 A$1,159.60
Charter Hall Group 5.72A$ 5.64A$ A$117.42 A$13.97 A$14.20 A$756.36 A$78.76 A$39.31
Charter Hall Retail REIT 3.92A$ 8.61A$ A$191.00 A$26.60 A$66.10 A$1,013.40 A$1,013.40 A$23.80
Transpacific Industries Group Ltd 1.38A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Coca-Cola Amatil Limited 8.47A$ 70.20A$ A$4,856.10 A$742.70 A$869.60 A$2,034.30 A$2,034.30 A$664.90
Cochlear Limited 157.50A$ 100.00A$ A$704.55 A$72.16 A$76.46 A$384.88 A$384.88 A$68.49
Commonwealth Bank of Australia 79.09A$ 446.48A$ A$20,384.00 A$9,964.00 A$9,964.00 A$41,572.00 A$41,041.00 A$19,666.00
Computershare Limited. 13.86A$ 49.09A$ A$1,802.61 A$210.24 A$258.21 A$1,176.46 A$1,163.66 A$441.39
Cromwell Property Group 0.94A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Crown Resorts Limited 11.76A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
CSL Limited 128.61A$ 189.24A$ A$4,433.20 A$1,216.80 A$1,214.80 A$3,428.30 A$3,428.30 A$1,155.10
CSR Limited 4.18A$ 17.90A$ A$1,801.90 A$104.10 A$116.20 A$1,278.70 A$1,230.40 A$55.80
David Jones Limited 0.00A$ 19.40A$ A$1,867.82 A$143.82 A$154.41 A$775.70 A$775.70 A$20.54
Dexus Property Group 9.75A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Dominos Pizza Enterprises Limited 44.97A$ 25.56A$ A$158.28 A$23.72 A$24.42 A$100.35 A$100.35 A$16.24
Downer EDI Limited 6.81A$ 21.23A$ A$7,915.41 A$189.69 A$215.35 A$1,617.70 A$1,617.71 A$296.69
Drillsearch Energy Limited 0.00A$ -12.14A$ A$6.11 -A$24.05 -A$23.93 A$65.75 A$63.64 A$4.36
DuluxGroup Limited 6.74A$ 25.70A$ A$996.42 A$116.14 A$138.30 A$138.46 A$138.46 A$39.54
Envestra Limited 0.00A$ 4.90A$ A$468.60 A$105.40 A$276.60 A$586.40 A$586.40 A$1.00
Evolution Mining Limited 2.39A$ 6.52A$ A$469.48 A$66.48 A$70.22 A$1,056.42 A$1,056.42 A$141.78
Fairfax Media Limited 1.00A$ 8.70A$ A$2,310.92 -A$2,777.84 -A$2,668.00 A$2,042.68 A$1,795.16 A$358.36
Fletcher Building Limited 7.82A$ 46.50A$ A$8,873.00 A$251.00 A$377.00 A$3,603.00 A$3,571.00 A$168.00
Flexigroup Ltd 1.70A$ 20.91A$ A$178.36 A$82.57 A$138.23 A$270.75 A$270.75 A$63.21
Flight Centre Travel Group Limited 46.21A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Fortescue Metals Group Ltd 5.50A$ 50.07A$ A$6,681.00 A$2,263.00 A$2,612.00 A$3,762.00 A$3,762.00 A$2,343.00
G.U.D. Holdings Ltd 12.06A$ 132.30A$ A$609.07 A$123.75 A$67.46 A$273.66 A$273.66 A$19.25
G8 Education Limited 3.73A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Goodman Fielder Limited. 0.00A$ -7.00A$ A$2,212.50 -A$107.80 -A$17.70 A$1,375.10 A$1,369.10 A$161.70
Goodman Group 8.53A$ 3.90A$ A$692.90 A$460.20 A$235.00 A$5,174.60 A$4,855.80 A$310.80
GPT Group 4.99A$ 15.40A$ A$617.50 A$302.40 A$276.20 A$6,786.40 A$7,389.20 A$42.00
Graincorp Limited 8.59A$ 85.93A$ A$2,768.60 A$245.50 A$271.30 A$1,372.70 A$1,372.70 A$312.40
GWA Group Limited 3.16A$ 15.31A$ A$602.13 A$57.79 A$72.04 A$426.98 A$426.98 A$30.53
Harvey Norman Holdings Limited 4.38A$ 16.01A$ A$1,407.34 A$227.41 A$253.29 A$2,266.88 A$2,235.95 A$172.46
Horizon Oil Limited 0.06A$ 4.58A$ A$47.99 A$56.69 A$59.80 A$114.36 A$114.36 A$26.51
Iinet Limited 9.52A$ 22.80A$ A$473.33 A$39.16 A$41.38 A$225.31 A$225.31 A$8.60
Iluka Resources Limited 9.26A$ 130.10A$ A$1,536.70 A$760.70 A$790.30 A$1,534.70 A$1,534.70 A$320.70
Incitec Pivot Limited 3.40A$ 32.50A$ A$3,906.30 A$621.40 A$630.20 A$3,706.70 A$3,701.70 A$379.70
Independence Group Nl 3.44A$ -130.47A$ A$206.71 -A$368.84 -A$377.00 A$642.13 A$642.13 A$192.98
Insurance Australia Group Limited 6.72A$ 10.01A$ A$8,577.00 A$452.00 A$561.00 A$4,524.00 A$4,343.00 A$969.00
Investa Office Fund 4.77A$ 28.60A$ A$189.60 A$182.60 A$184.50 A$1,926.80 A$1,926.80 A$18.20
Invocare Limited 15.04A$ 35.20A$ A$321.11 A$39.11 A$53.47 A$142.62 A$141.49 A$5.87
Ioof Holdings Limited 10.98A$ 8.40A$ A$615.45 A$104.06 A$98.46 A$827.32 A$812.45 A$113.34
IRESS Limited 12.02A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
James Hardie Industries SE 18.13A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Henderson Group 44.00A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
JB Hi-Fi Limited 25.62A$ 104.65A$ A$3,127.79 A$148.37 A$161.46 A$184.50 A$184.50 A$39.71
Karoon Gas Australia Limited 1.15A$ -1.48A$ A$13.60 -A$3.29 -A$3.03 A$600.60 A$600.60 A$227.80
Kathmandu Holdings Limited 2.14A$ 19.50A$ A$306.14 A$57.22 A$64.02 A$254.93 A$254.93 A$3.57
Lend Lease Group 16.30A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Lynas Corporation Limited 0.15A$ -5.12A$ n/a -A$97.88 -A$90.05 A$563.49 A$563.49 A$205.44
M2 Group Ltd 0.00A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Macquarie Atlas Roads Group 5.79A$ -63.43A$ A$90.63 -A$307.76 -A$216.57 -A$821.32 -A$821.32 A$56.11
Macquarie Group Limited 87.39A$ 222.56A$ A$5,732.00 A$1,049.00 A$941.00 A$11,732.00 A$11,203.00 A$7,598.00
Magellan Financial Group Limited 24.77A$ 2.50A$ A$10.82 A$5.28 A$5.42 A$111.13 A$111.13 A$2.24
Mcmillan Shakespeare Limited 14.61A$ 66.50A$ A$131.02 A$55.19 A$57.33 A$89.42 A$89.42 A$16.76
Medusa Mining Limited 0.29A$ 26.10A$ A$80.80 A$48.08 A$47.71 A$315.67 A$315.67 A$12.47
Mesoblast Limited 1.80A$ -25.15A$ A$27.68 -A$48.72 -A$59.19 A$478.85 A$478.85 A$206.75
Metcash Limited 2.60A$ 15.22A$ A$12,255.10 A$197.20 A$264.50 A$1,335.10 A$1,261.10 A$51.50
Mineral Resources Limited 14.57A$ 131.10A$ A$925.86 A$224.20 A$225.59 A$916.75 A$895.86 A$76.28
Mirvac Group 2.30A$ 11.27A$ A$1,547.60 A$316.40 A$432.20 A$5,754.70 A$5,754.70 A$403.90
Mermaid Marine Australia Limited 0.18A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Monadelphous Group Limited 14.00A$ 155.24A$ A$1,897.49 A$187.26 A$183.99 A$245.64 A$245.64 A$203.56
Mount Gibson Iron Limited 0.44A$ 15.93A$ A$637.01 A$239.59 A$226.47 A$1,277.43 A$1,277.43 A$40.68
Myer Holdings Limited 0.74A$ 22.38A$ A$2,651.91 A$204.87 A$234.63 A$877.68 A$868.33 A$38.06
National Australia Bank Limited 30.87A$ 230.31A$ A$18,724.00 A$6,728.00 A$6,728.00 A$42,188.00 A$42,168.00 A$27,093.00
Navitas 4.56A$ 19.80A$ A$688.15 A$104.12 A$111.72 A$233.56 A$234.46 A$19.16
Newcrest Mining Limited 21.61A$ 146.00A$ A$4,416.00 A$1,577.00 A$1,603.00 A$15,094.00 A$14,975.00 A$242.00
News Corporation. Class B 17.47A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Nine Entertainment Co Holdings Ltd Npv 1.47A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Northern Star Resources Ltd 4.90A$ -0.83A$ n/a -A$1.28 -A$1.29 A$5.08 A$5.08 A$1.10
CFS Retail Property Trust 2.44A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
NRW Holdings Limited 0.95A$ 34.80A$ A$1,358.78 A$141.13 A$153.99 A$329.18 A$329.18 A$137.96
Nufarm Limited 8.85A$ 22.30A$ A$2,181.55 A$110.32 A$144.59 A$1,476.80 A$1,229.27 A$191.32
Ozforex Group Limited 1.65A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Oil Search Limited 6.40A$ 17.87A$ A$732.87 A$439.90 A$544.58 A$3,017.23 A$3,017.23 A$1,047.46
Orica Limited 19.57A$ 138.57A$ A$6,182.30 A$904.80 A$989.20 A$3,875.60 A$3,264.30 A$346.90
Origin Energy Limited 7.46A$ 72.26A$ A$12,935.00 A$1,360.00 A$1,610.00 A$14,458.00 A$13,094.00 A$357.00
Orora Limited 3.08A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
OZ Minerals Limited 8.59A$ 82.70A$ A$1,115.90 A$380.00 A$347.10 A$2,794.20 A$2,794.20 A$886.10
Pact Group Holdings Limited 5.45A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Paladin Energy Ltd 0.05A$ -18.88A$ A$365.80 -A$279.50 -A$224.20 A$1,194.80 A$1,142.40 A$112.10
PanAust Ltd 0.00A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Perpetual Limited 49.50A$ 62.90A$ A$399.51 A$34.71 A$37.19 A$280.46 A$268.20 A$153.06
Platinum Asset Management Limited 5.33A$ 22.51A$ A$226.93 A$179.45 A$179.45 A$246.50 A$246.50 A$11.88
Premier Investments Limited 13.20A$ 26.13A$ A$875.61 A$57.58 A$43.85 A$1,193.74 A$1,193.74 A$307.81
Primary Health Care Limited 3.63A$ 23.30A$ A$1,390.88 A$168.43 A$264.01 A$2,573.11 A$2,567.79 A$10.43
Qantas Airways Limited 5.70A$ -10.80A$ A$15,724.00 -A$349.00 -A$170.00 A$5,889.00 A$5,885.00 A$3,398.00
QBE Insurance Group Limited 10.77A$ 64.90A$ A$17,840.00 A$868.00 A$1,162.00 A$10,438.00 A$10,386.00 A$1,457.00
Qube Holdings Limited 2.69A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Ramsay Health Care Limited 75.01A$ 116.10A$ A$3,871.50 A$336.58 A$415.46 A$1,406.20 A$1,414.01 A$173.42
REA Group Limited 68.24A$ 66.20A$ A$277.61 A$118.45 A$110.80 A$250.52 A$250.22 A$181.60
Regis Resources Limited 3.84A$ 15.51A$ A$170.35 A$74.75 A$76.99 A$237.93 A$237.93 A$1.35
Reject Shop Limited 4.66A$ 84.10A$ A$555.30 A$31.19 A$34.17 A$68.51 A$68.51 A$9.04
Resmed Inc 9.32A$ 175.00A$ A$1,368.52 A$331.95 A$294.41 A$1,607.63 A$1,607.63 A$809.54
Resolute Mining Limited 1.09A$ 18.62A$ A$576.71 A$124.43 A$136.18 A$542.99 A$576.33 A$48.40
Retail Food Group Limited 5.04A$ 25.30A$ A$72.49 A$36.57 A$44.02 A$138.80 A$138.80 A$13.10
Rio Tinto Limited 63.19A$ 808.50A$ A$60,537.00 A$13,214.00 A$13,940.00 A$59,208.00 A$52,539.00 A$9,670.00
Sandfire Resources Nl 5.56A$ -15.85A$ A$20.68 -A$32.56 -A$32.89 A$117.24 A$117.24 A$100.39
Santos Limited 3.29A$ 44.42A$ A$2,530.00 A$1,282.00 A$1,200.00 A$8,963.00 A$8,967.00 A$3,332.00
Scentre Group 4.01A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Seek Limited 16.78A$ 39.10A$ A$442.25 A$184.48 A$177.31 A$771.13 A$399.51 A$92.70
Senex Energy Ltd. 0.26A$ 0.96A$ A$67.07 A$10.54 A$7.61 A$299.94 A$299.94 A$123.95
Seven Group Holdings Ltd 11.91A$ 98.00A$ A$4,399.72 A$132.82 A$37.41 A$2,579.82 A$2,568.50 A$127.75
Seven West Media Limited 0.77A$ 30.03A$ A$1,937.11 A$325.18 A$453.34 A$2,619.39 A$2,619.39 A$75.05
Shopping Centres Australasia Property Group 2.21A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Sigma Pharmaceuticals Limited 0.81A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Sims Metal Management Limited 14.31A$ -253.30A$ A$9,035.70 -A$536.00 -A$506.80 A$2,394.40 A$2,394.40 A$51.40
Singapore Telecommunications Limited. 0.00A$ 25.04A$ A$18,825.30 A$4,314.40 A$3,223.70 A$23,447.90 A$23,427.50 A$1,346.40
Sirius Resources NL 0.00A$ -2.80A$ n/a -A$1.97 -A$2.13 A$11.94 A$11.94 A$3.05
Sirtex Medical Limited 16.26A$ 28.80A$ A$64.33 A$19.10 A$16.64 A$51.54 A$51.54 A$41.42
Skilled Group Limited 0.00A$ 10.83A$ A$1,697.99 A$13.83 A$38.36 A$339.65 A$339.65 A$2.58
Sky City Entertainment Group Limited. 3.65A$ 21.40A$ A$803.15 A$165.79 A$207.12 A$774.82 A$773.45 A$104.58
Sky Network Television Limited. 2.98A$ 30.86A$ A$796.95 A$172.03 A$196.72 A$1,297.54 A$1,296.73 A$11.43
Slater & Gordon Limited 0.08A$ 16.78A$ A$123.31 A$28.85 A$30.00 A$146.49 A$146.49 A$30.11
Sonic Healthcare Limited 22.65A$ 81.10A$ A$3,291.34 A$417.93 A$492.08 A$2,610.20 A$2,589.50 A$168.59
Southern Cross Media Group 1.33A$ 13.48A$ A$681.72 A$126.28 A$124.13 A$1,534.37 A$1,534.07 A$97.18
Sp Ausnet 1.36A$ 1.38A$ A$1,535.40 A$280.30 A$613.30 A$2,927.90 A$548.90 A$19.10
Spark Infrastructure Trust 2.52A$ 12.58A$ n/a A$124.37 -A$61.83 A$1,333.82 A$1,333.82 A$32.90
Steadfast Group Limited 2.84A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Stockland 4.45A$ 29.30A$ A$1,968.90 A$457.10 A$653.10 A$8,227.40 A$8,227.40 A$135.60
Suncorp Group Limited 12.86A$ 56.68A$ A$16,034.00 A$963.00 A$4,109.00 A$14,127.00 A$14,110.00 A$866.00
Sundance Energy Australia Limited 0.05A$ -4.90A$ A$7.08 -A$10.70 -A$11.37 A$41.15 A$41.15 A$4.19
Super Retail Group Limited 8.09A$ 46.10A$ A$1,654.11 A$120.11 A$140.74 A$688.86 A$688.86 A$47.04
Sydney Airport 6.90A$ 6.54A$ A$973.31 -A$14.63 A$406.63 A$2,432.75 A$2,293.93 A$1,124.32
Tabcorp Holdings Limited 4.27A$ 46.66A$ A$3,038.50 A$497.00 A$587.00 A$1,405.80 A$1,405.80 A$151.40
Tassal Group Limited 3.87A$ 19.96A$ A$388.76 A$34.57 A$39.78 A$245.20 A$245.20 A$4.26
Tatts Group Limited 4.19A$ 23.80A$ A$3,879.35 A$450.52 A$541.60 A$2,663.64 A$2,663.64 A$290.14
Telstra Corporation Limited. 3.90A$ 27.50A$ A$25,368.00 A$4,934.00 A$5,582.00 A$11,689.00 A$11,480.00 A$3,945.00
Ten Network Holdings Limited 0.16A$ 6.97A$ A$726.71 A$16.32 A$58.99 A$941.79 A$929.69 A$93.30
Echo Entertainment Group 0.00A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Toll Holdings Limited 0.00A$ 38.34A$ A$8,707.20 A$158.40 A$409.00 A$2,746.40 A$2,727.10 A$569.10
Tpg Telecom Ltd. 5.64A$ 11.50A$ A$663.14 A$163.24 A$178.95 A$590.78 A$590.78 A$13.77
Trade Me Group Ltd Npv 4.55A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Transurban Group 11.90A$ 3.80A$ A$1,154.48 -A$12.65 A$335.29 A$3,487.13 A$3,477.53 A$318.15
Treasury Wine Estates Limited 13.41A$ 20.54A$ A$1,640.80 A$140.50 A$146.00 A$2,939.30 A$2,935.50 A$28.60
Veda Group Limited 0.00A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Federation Centres 2.68A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Village Roadshow Limited 3.82A$ 77.01A$ A$1,276.92 A$102.74 A$160.84 A$686.26 A$557.80 A$101.72
Virtus Health Ltd 5.59A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Wesfarmers Limited 42.25A$ 184.20A$ A$57,685.00 A$3,044.00 A$3,329.00 A$25,627.00 A$25,627.00 A$1,127.00
Western Areas Limited 2.42A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Westfield Corp 7.60A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Westpac Banking Corporation 32.21A$ 231.42A$ A$16,913.00 A$8,514.00 A$8,514.00 A$43,808.00 A$41,826.00 A$16,258.00
Whitehaven Coal Limited 3.21A$ 10.07A$ A$618.09 A$13.90 A$26.01 A$3,411.09 A$3,368.76 A$513.63
Woodside Petroleum Limited 29.16A$ 209.00A$ A$4,802.00 A$2,186.00 A$2,212.00 A$13,269.00 A$12,658.00 A$41.00
Woolworths Limited 27.02A$ 178.63A$ A$55,268.70 A$3,068.40 A$3,352.10 A$8,446.30 A$8,188.20 A$833.40
Worleyparsons Limited 11.89A$ 152.70A$ A$7,389.50 A$493.80 A$502.70 A$1,979.90 A$1,957.40 A$247.30
Wotif.Com Holdings Limited 0.00A$ 27.42A$ A$139.72 A$81.28 A$75.69 A$98.48 A$98.48 A$140.87
Stw Communications Group Limited 1.15A$ n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a