TSX Composite (TSXC)

18:05 18/12/17
18:05 18/12/17
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Name Closing Price EPS Revenue (m) Pre-tax Profit (m) Operating P/L (m) Net Asset (m) Shareholders Funds (m) Cash in Bank (m)
Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd. 4.85$C -9.00$C 157.03$C -20.35$C -10.10$C 1,208.27$C 1,208.27$C n/a
Aecon Group Inc. 19.90$C 82.00$C 3,213.13$C 65.51$C 74.70$C 753.60$C 753.60$C 231.86$C
Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd 55.36$C 49.00$C 2,138.23$C 268.46$C 343.10$C 4,492.47$C 4,492.47$C 539.97$C
Agrium Inc. 141.74$C 429.00$C 13,665.00$C 820.00$C 1,032.00$C 6,174.00$C 6,169.00$C 412.00$C
Aimia Inc 3.50$C -55.00$C 2,288.10$C -78.20$C -86.40$C 115.50$C 115.50$C 293.00$C
Air Canada 25.39$C n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Air Canada Class B 0.00$C 2.00$C 12,382.00$C 2.00$C 619.00$C -1,397.00$C -1,460.00$C 750.00$C
Alacer Gold Corp 2.01$C 2.00$C 141.99$C -2.42$C 8.88$C 798.11$C 644.93$C 214.55$C
Alamos Gold Inc. 7.36$C -2.00$C 169.94$C 2.34$C 9.75$C 783.33$C 783.33$C 353.29$C
Alamos Gold Inc. 7.84$C n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Alaris Royalty Corp. 19.07$C 183.00$C 100.04$C 86.14$C 100.53$C 654.70$C 654.70$C 29.49$C
Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. 14.13$C 57.00$C 1,096.02$C 129.51$C 234.89$C 2,515.35$C 1,923.56$C 110.42$C
Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. Class B 67.15$C 213.00$C 37,904.50$C 1,592.10$C 1,697.70$C 6,009.60$C 6,009.60$C 637.60$C
Allied Properties REIT 41.80$C 401.00$C 389.72$C 324.30$C 384.18$C 3,021.51$C 3,021.51$C 12.19$C
AltaGas Ltd 29.04$C 98.00$C 2,193.90$C 246.20$C 393.60$C 4,615.40$C 4,580.60$C 19.00$C
ARC Resources Ltd. 13.88$C -101.00$C 1,193.70$C -358.50$C -307.50$C 3,388.50$C 3,388.50$C 167.30$C
Artis REIT 14.17$C 67.00$C 549.15$C 116.62$C 210.18$C 2,627.37$C 2,627.37$C 50.73$C
Atco Ltd. 44.74$C 297.00$C 4,045.00$C 933.00$C 1,291.00$C 7,199.00$C 3,546.00$C 606.00$C
Athabasca Oil Corp 1.05$C -173.00$C 83.85$C -805.15$C -777.63$C 2,482.14$C 2,482.14$C 559.49$C
ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc 15.04$C 57.00$C 1,010.90$C 46.38$C 71.93$C 686.01$C 685.76$C 286.70$C
AuRico Gold Inc 3.61$C -68.00$C 291.18$C -198.63$C -154.71$C 1,631.21$C 1,631.21$C 89.03$C
Autocanada Inc. 23.10$C 9.00$C 2,891.58$C 17.15$C 40.91$C 497.59$C 440.08$C 103.22$C
Avigilon Corporation Com 20.83$C 62.00$C 353.62$C 17.50$C 19.95$C 237.28$C 237.28$C 30.01$C
B2Gold Corp. 3.63$C 11.00$C 683.29$C 68.53$C 126.26$C 1,454.56$C 1,444.99$C 144.67$C
Badger Daylighting Ltd 27.91$C 78.00$C 404.20$C 47.13$C 54.43$C 279.07$C 279.07$C 62.88$C
Bank of Montreal. 100.63$C 694.00$C 21,087.00$C 5,732.00$C 5,732.00$C 42,328.00$C 42,304.00$C 31,653.00$C
Bank of Nova Scotia 82.16$C 580.00$C 25,936.00$C 9,398.00$C 8,984.00$C 57,821.00$C 56,251.00$C 46,344.00$C
Barrick Gold Corp. 18.13$C 70.00$C 8,558.00$C 1,778.00$C 2,533.00$C 10,313.00$C 7,935.00$C 2,389.00$C
Baytex Energy Corp 3.58$C -577.00$C 880.00$C -1,487.03$C -1,375.37$C 2,414.47$C 2,414.47$C 0.25$C
BCE Inc. 61.35$C 346.00$C 21,719.00$C 4,197.00$C 5,166.00$C 17,854.00$C 17,540.00$C 853.00$C
Birchcliff Energy Ltd. 3.89$C -14.00$C 316.67$C -30.46$C 3.48$C 1,754.41$C 1,754.41$C 0.05$C
BlackBerry Ltd 13.95$C -1,118.00$C 6,813.00$C -7,184.00$C -7,163.00$C 3,625.00$C 3,625.00$C 1,579.00$C
Boardwalk Real Estate Investment Trust 42.56$C 493.00$C 473.24$C 235.65$C 327.63$C 3,357.99$C 3,357.99$C 139.56$C
Bombardier Inc. Class B 3.07$C -15.00$C 16,339.00$C -807.00$C -184.00$C -3,489.00$C -5,243.00$C 3,384.00$C
Bonavista Energy Corp Com 1.83$C 9.00$C 445.43$C -134.93$C -9.07$C 1,560.24$C 1,560.24$C 85.98$C
Bonterra Energy Corp 13.83$C -73.00$C 160.08$C -29.85$C -9.84$C 543.82$C 543.82$C n/a
Boyd Group Income Trust Units 99.03$C 292.00$C 1,387.12$C 57.06$C 66.93$C 280.54$C 280.54$C 53.51$C
Brookfield Asset Management Ltd. Class A 56.23$C 158.00$C 24,411.00$C 2,993.00$C 4,933.00$C 69,688.00$C 26,453.00$C 4,299.00$C
Brookfield Property Partners Lp 27.72$C 230.00$C 5,352.00$C 2,142.00$C 2,804.00$C 34,161.00$C 7,542.00$C 1,456.00$C
Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners L.P. 44.24$C -23.00$C 2,452.00$C -13.00$C 593.00$C 12,672.00$C 4,348.00$C 223.00$C
Brp Inc 47.65$C 228.00$C 4,171.50$C 327.10$C 306.30$C 165.50$C 160.90$C 298.60$C
CAE Inc. 22.54$C 94.00$C 2,704.50$C 292.30$C 313.00$C 2,081.00$C 2,020.80$C 504.70$C
Cameco Corp. 12.97$C -16.00$C 2,431.40$C -154.23$C -141.79$C 5,258.53$C 5,258.37$C 320.28$C
Canaccord Genuity Group Inc 4.96$C 29.00$C 879.55$C 53.88$C 49.78$C 776.64$C 764.78$C 677.77$C
Canadian Apartment Properties Real Estate Investment Trust 37.79$C 336.00$C 596.83$C 439.41$C 556.74$C 4,158.93$C 4,158.15$C n/a
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce 119.43$C 889.00$C 13,679.00$C 4,224.00$C 4,047.00$C 21,553.00$C 21,360.00$C 3,053.00$C
Canadian National Railways 103.35$C 461.00$C 12,037.00$C 4,927.00$C 5,312.00$C 14,841.00$C 14,841.00$C 176.00$C
Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. 42.56$C -61.00$C 10,523.00$C -1,063.00$C -680.00$C 26,267.00$C 26,267.00$C 17.00$C
Canadian Pacific Railways Ltd. 230.05$C 1,069.00$C 6,232.00$C 2,152.00$C 2,578.00$C 4,626.00$C 4,626.00$C 164.00$C
Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust 46.27$C 185.00$C 402.59$C 139.64$C 150.15$C 3,339.56$C 3,339.56$C 17.90$C
Canadian Tire Corp. Class A 163.69$C 925.00$C 12,681.00$C 1,011.00$C 1,104.90$C 5,737.30$C 4,938.60$C 829.70$C
Canadian Utilities Ltd. 37.43$C 207.00$C 3,399.00$C 865.00$C 1,218.00$C 6,420.00$C 6,218.00$C 345.00$C
Canadian Western Bank 37.67$C 213.00$C 657.90$C 257.28$C 257.28$C 2,342.81$C 2,342.04$C 920.06$C
Canfor Corp. 24.94$C 103.00$C 4,234.90$C 267.80$C 302.50$C 1,738.50$C 1,483.70$C 156.60$C
Capital Power Corp. 24.51$C 122.00$C 1,214.00$C 132.00$C 193.00$C 2,901.00$C 2,843.00$C 98.00$C
Catamaran Corp 80.06$C 228.00$C 21,581.89$C 507.91$C 569.00$C 5,279.11$C 5,271.98$C 1,011.95$C
CCL Industries Inc. Class B 59.57$C 228.20$C 3,974.75$C 487.04$C 520.43$C 1,775.20$C 1,775.20$C 585.08$C
Celestica Inc. 13.39$C 96.00$C 6,016.50$C 161.00$C 156.70$C 1,238.80$C 1,238.80$C 557.20$C
Cenovus Energy Inc. 10.86$C -65.00$C 12,282.00$C -927.00$C -487.00$C 11,590.00$C 11,590.00$C 3,720.00$C
Centerra Gold Inc. 7.08$C 60.00$C 760.76$C 156.04$C 167.05$C 1,824.28$C 1,824.28$C 160.02$C
Canadian Energy Services & Technology Corp. 5.45$C n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
CGI Group Inc. Class A 69.48$C 351.00$C 10,683.26$C 1,452.79$C 1,531.21$C 6,464.61$C 6,464.61$C 596.53$C
Chartwell Retirement Residences 15.61$C -4.68$C 832.24$C -9.58$C 87.51$C 433.60$C 433.60$C 10.93$C
Chemtrade Logistic Trust Units 18.88$C -2.00$C 1,067.26$C -78.86$C -16.11$C 769.05$C 769.05$C 14.74$C
CI Financial Corp. 29.49$C 196.00$C 1,923.05$C 690.03$C 706.04$C 1,748.03$C 1,745.40$C 117.90$C
Cineplex Inc 39.21$C 126.00$C 1,478.33$C 109.32$C 125.22$C 751.90$C 749.09$C 33.55$C
Cogeco Cable Inc. 86.87$C -387.00$C 2,176.15$C -120.49$C 15.89$C 1,496.14$C 1,496.14$C 62.29$C
Firstservice Corp. 74.51$C n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Cominar Real Estate Investment Trust 14.26$C 140.00$C 866.98$C 242.58$C 423.56$C 3,815.51$C 3,815.51$C 9.85$C
Computer Modelling 9.65$C 32.00$C 80.80$C 35.63$C 36.04$C 59.26$C 59.26$C 72.68$C
Concordia Healthcare Corp 0.98$C n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Constellation Software Inc. 772.70$C 1,864.00$C 2,125.09$C 286.40$C 291.82$C 457.51$C 457.51$C 353.50$C
Corus Entertainment Inc. Class B 11.54$C 98.00$C 1,171.31$C 185.14$C 301.10$C 2,476.35$C 2,317.92$C 71.36$C
Cott Corp. 21.36$C 24.00$C 3,235.90$C -45.90$C 82.20$C 873.80$C 868.50$C 118.10$C
Crescent Point Energy Corp 8.29$C 122.00$C 4,210.11$C 812.93$C 916.85$C 10,160.90$C 10,160.90$C 4.00$C
Crew Energy Inc. 3.16$C -45.00$C 174.72$C -85.77$C -22.84$C 821.69$C 821.69$C n/a
Crombie Real Estate Investment Trusts 13.94$C 89.00$C 400.00$C 126.36$C 226.51$C 1,390.15$C 1,390.15$C n/a
Descartes Systems 36.35$C 31.00$C 203.78$C 31.50$C 30.70$C 430.60$C 430.60$C 38.13$C
Detour Gold Corp. 12.96$C -4.00$C 658.29$C -24.44$C 55.98$C 1,863.31$C 1,863.31$C 129.36$C
Dhx Media Ltd 3.98$C 16.00$C 298.71$C -1.76$C 38.69$C 415.85$C 329.30$C 62.14$C
Dollarama Inc. 154.90$C 375.00$C 2,963.22$C 612.43$C 645.51$C 100.28$C 100.28$C 62.01$C
Dorel Industries Inc. Class B 30.99$C 180.00$C 2,603.19$C -21.58$C 21.31$C 1,056.10$C 1,056.10$C 31.88$C
Dream Global Real Estate Investment Trust 12.27$C 119.00$C 203.57$C 170.50$C 173.05$C 1,357.72$C 1,347.45$C 50.28$C
Dream Office Real Estate Investment Trust 22.64$C -770.30$C 664.29$C -877.75$C -612.02$C 2,371.76$C 2,371.76$C 7.67$C
Eldorado Gold Corp. 1.63$C 7.00$C 432.73$C 48.70$C 67.01$C 3,571.46$C 3,482.68$C 883.17$C
Element Financial Corp 10.05$C n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Emera Inc. 47.98$C 277.00$C 4,277.00$C 244.00$C 555.00$C 6,816.00$C 6,704.00$C 404.00$C
Empire Co Ltd. Class A 24.01$C 58.00$C 23,806.20$C 215.00$C 255.50$C 3,702.70$C 3,644.20$C 207.30$C
Enbridge Inc. 49.89$C 228.00$C 34,560.00$C 2,451.00$C 2,581.00$C 25,355.00$C 21,386.00$C 2,117.00$C
Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc 29.70$C 189.10$C 415.70$C 213.30$C 132.50$C -5,784.10$C -5,752.50$C 29.50$C
EnCana Corp. 14.27$C -107.00$C 2,918.00$C -1,620.00$C -1,223.00$C 6,126.00$C 6,126.00$C 834.00$C
Enercare Inc 20.32$C 62.00$C 995.94$C 85.87$C 120.47$C 616.46$C 616.46$C 38.42$C
Enerflex Ltd 14.56$C 79.00$C 1,130.60$C -95.53$C -83.96$C 1,117.63$C 1,114.99$C 167.56$C
Enerplus Corp 10.62$C 175.00$C 722.73$C 160.22$C 205.66$C 1,460.51$C 1,460.51$C 1.26$C
Enghouse Systems 58.00$C 176.00$C 307.98$C 54.47$C 81.94$C 268.55$C 268.55$C 78.44$C
Ensign Energy Svs 6.04$C -95.00$C 859.70$C -204.54$C -174.07$C 1,832.49$C 1,832.49$C 29.84$C
Extendicare Inc 9.19$C 36.00$C 1,060.76$C 38.83$C 57.74$C 174.76$C 174.76$C 101.58$C
Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. 667.00$C 2,367.00$C 8,655.80$C 624.50$C 158.40$C 12,018.90$C 10,287.40$C n/a
Finning International Inc. 31.50$C 88.00$C 5,628.00$C 80.00$C 160.00$C 1,901.00$C 1,901.00$C 593.00$C
First Capital Realty Inc. 20.85$C 162.00$C 676.28$C 476.36$C 602.97$C 4,233.08$C 4,195.26$C 12.22$C
First Majestic Silver Corp. 9.30$C 12.00$C 278.08$C 25.49$C 28.25$C 621.70$C 621.70$C 129.05$C
First Quantum Minerals Ltd. 17.12$C 32.00$C 2,673.00$C 267.00$C 280.00$C 10,285.00$C 9,194.00$C 1,463.00$C
New Fsv Corporation 87.39$C 93.00$C 1,482.89$C 81.63$C 90.55$C 283.38$C 181.03$C 43.38$C
Fortis Inc. 46.82$C 233.00$C 6,838.00$C 858.00$C 1,483.00$C 16,450.00$C 14,597.00$C 269.00$C
Franco Nevada Corp. 97.91$C 94.00$C 610.20$C 167.90$C 155.40$C 4,146.50$C 4,146.50$C 253.00$C
Freehold Royalties Ltd 13.84$C -10.00$C 129.97$C -14.26$C -9.68$C 884.70$C 884.70$C 0.89$C
Genworth MI Canada Inc. 43.17$C 454.00$C 759.81$C 565.52$C 588.72$C 3,648.58$C 3,648.58$C 126.07$C
Gibson Energy Inc 17.68$C -132.00$C 4,594.18$C -234.62$C -171.81$C 1,057.10$C 1,057.10$C 60.16$C
Gildan Activewear 40.76$C 147.00$C 2,585.07$C 351.84$C 371.52$C 2,119.65$C 2,119.65$C 38.20$C
GoldCorp Inc. 15.97$C 19.00$C 3,510.00$C 222.00$C 198.00$C 13,415.00$C 13,415.00$C 157.00$C
Gran Tierra Energy Inc. 2.91$C -145.00$C 289.27$C -650.23$C -638.46$C 858.99$C 858.99$C 25.17$C
Granite Real Estate Investment Trust 50.02$C 596.00$C 223.40$C 328.32$C 347.90$C 1,949.74$C 1,948.21$C 246.21$C
Great Canadian Gaming Corp. 29.70$C 128.00$C 566.40$C 105.60$C 137.90$C 389.30$C 385.40$C 228.70$C
Great-West Lifeco Inc. 34.93$C 266.80$C 35,050.00$C 3,352.00$C 3,654.00$C 25,008.00$C 22,002.00$C 3,259.00$C
H&R Real Estate Investment Trust 21.07$C 138.00$C 1,196.01$C 590.29$C 824.55$C 6,912.65$C 6,912.65$C 48.02$C
Home Capital Group Inc. 17.00$C 396.00$C 583.05$C 335.13$C 335.13$C 1,617.19$C 1,617.19$C 1,205.39$C
Hudbay Minerals Inc. 9.87$C -15.00$C 1,128.68$C 5.61$C 169.78$C 1,763.21$C 1,763.21$C 146.86$C
Hudsons Bay Company 10.48$C -172.00$C 14,455.00$C -694.00$C -368.00$C 2,410.00$C 2,410.00$C 122.00$C
Husky Energy Inc. 16.47$C 88.00$C 13,312.00$C 950.00$C 1,306.00$C 17,627.00$C 17,616.00$C 1,319.00$C
IAMGOLD Corp. 7.05$C 1.00$C 987.10$C 95.20$C 32.50$C 2,271.10$C 2,221.70$C 652.00$C
IGM Financial Inc. 44.41$C 319.00$C 2,940.56$C 946.94$C 934.91$C 4,746.76$C 4,746.76$C 611.03$C
Imperial Oil 38.00$C 132.00$C 26,756.00$C 1,923.00$C 1,962.00$C 23,425.00$C 23,425.00$C 203.00$C
Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. 58.98$C 522.00$C 7,107.00$C 694.00$C -344.00$C 4,765.00$C 4,765.00$C 912.00$C
Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. 14.39$C -63.00$C 241.83$C -111.25$C -24.01$C 562.22$C 514.81$C 54.61$C
Intact Financial Corp. 104.68$C 453.00$C 8,197.00$C 686.00$C 742.00$C 6,088.00$C 6,088.00$C 168.00$C
Inter Pipeline Ltd 27.20$C 131.00$C 1,824.60$C 629.00$C 776.00$C 3,187.90$C 3,187.90$C 21.40$C
Interfor Corp 21.04$C 84.00$C 1,792.71$C 72.85$C 75.89$C 786.67$C 786.67$C 19.27$C
Intertape Polymer Group Inc 21.00$C 102.00$C 808.80$C 70.71$C 75.71$C 242.94$C 236.54$C 20.96$C
Jean Coutu Group Class A 24.43$C 108.00$C 2,691.20$C 272.80$C 270.70$C 1,210.10$C 1,210.10$C 178.90$C
Just Energy Group Inc 5.34$C 302.00$C 3,757.05$C 514.11$C 216.59$C -149.33$C -149.33$C 57.38$C
Kelt Exploration Ltd 6.66$C -29.00$C 168.70$C -59.26$C -44.01$C 843.30$C 843.30$C 0.56$C
Keyera Corp Com 35.32$C 121.00$C 2,508.97$C 307.33$C 380.16$C 1,841.51$C 1,841.51$C 16.48$C
Kinross Gold Corp. 5.19$C 8.00$C 3,472.00$C -59.50$C 46.30$C 4,184.30$C 4,145.50$C 827.00$C
Labrador Iron Ore Royalty Corporation 25.22$C 122.00$C 115.11$C 109.34$C 84.61$C 583.85$C 583.85$C 23.94$C
Laurentian Bank of Canada 56.00$C 455.00$C 915.45$C 197.36$C 197.36$C 1,974.83$C 1,974.83$C n/a
Legacy Oil + Gas Inc. 2.40$C -71.00$C 572.70$C -144.26$C -83.49$C 1,792.58$C 1,792.58$C 10.94$C
Linamar Corp. 72.50$C 801.00$C 6,005.58$C 672.73$C 696.78$C 2,590.26$C 2,590.26$C 404.97$C
Loblaws Cos Ltd. 68.18$C 240.00$C 46,385.00$C 1,439.00$C 2,092.00$C 13,028.00$C 13,002.00$C 1,314.00$C
Lundin Mining Corp. 7.48$C 13.00$C 1,545.59$C 128.18$C 209.63$C 3,627.63$C 3,164.29$C 715.31$C
Magna International Inc. 72.07$C 519.00$C 36,445.00$C 2,780.00$C 2,635.00$C 10,219.00$C 9,768.00$C 974.00$C
Manulife Finl Corp. 26.70$C 142.00$C 36,659.00$C 3,329.00$C 4,342.00$C 42,823.00$C 42,080.00$C 15,151.00$C
Maple Leaf Foods Inc. 36.57$C 123.00$C 3,331.81$C 249.59$C 255.96$C 2,088.02$C 2,088.02$C 403.62$C
Martinrea International Inc. 15.45$C 151.00$C 3,968.41$C 133.34$C 159.44$C 829.68$C 830.20$C 59.17$C
MacDonald Dettwiler & Associates Ltd. 83.82$C n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Meg Energy Corp. 4.70$C -190.00$C 1,866.28$C -636.22$C -280.98$C 3,286.78$C 3,286.78$C 156.23$C
Methanex Corp. 74.01$C -17.00$C 1,998.43$C -37.50$C 28.45$C 1,805.35$C 1,596.83$C 223.89$C
Metro Inc. 40.72$C 241.00$C 12,787.90$C 778.20$C 748.50$C 2,693.20$C 2,680.60$C 27.50$C
Mitel Networks Corporation 10.49$C 29.00$C 987.60$C 33.70$C 49.80$C 382.90$C 382.90$C 97.30$C
Mullen Group Ltd 15.00$C 47.00$C 1,035.06$C 71.75$C 104.21$C 960.41$C 960.41$C 270.29$C
National Bank Of Canada 63.72$C 331.00$C 5,825.00$C 1,481.00$C 1,466.00$C 12,102.00$C 11,292.00$C 8,183.00$C
Nevsun Resources 2.84$C 4.00$C 230.71$C 60.98$C 80.48$C 1,110.91$C 930.54$C 199.26$C
New Gold Inc. 3.82$C 5.00$C 683.80$C 2.00$C 14.90$C 2,082.90$C 2,082.90$C 185.90$C
Newalta Corp. 0.81$C -202.00$C 205.45$C -156.17$C -129.57$C 229.38$C 229.38$C 0.44$C
Norbord Inc. 43.24$C 204.00$C 1,766.00$C 244.00$C 280.00$C 650.00$C 650.00$C 161.00$C
North West Company Inc 31.12$C 159.00$C 1,844.09$C 110.91$C 118.13$C 367.79$C 367.79$C 30.24$C
Northland Power Inc. 23.09$C 64.00$C 1,099.00$C 219.32$C 493.13$C 1,375.12$C 934.48$C 307.52$C
Northern Property Real Estate Investment Trust 25.33$C n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Novagold Resources 4.67$C -11.00$C n/a -33.57$C -30.15$C 300.26$C 300.26$C 30.27$C
NuVista Energy Ltd. 7.60$C -1.00$C 257.25$C -3.28$C 8.55$C 756.03$C 756.03$C 5.34$C
Penn West Petroleum Ltd 1.48$C n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Oceana Gold 3.08$C 22.00$C 628.63$C 155.30$C 156.11$C 1,335.25$C 1,335.25$C 68.86$C
Open Text Co 42.17$C 404.00$C 2,291.06$C 249.55$C 352.93$C 3,533.32$C 3,532.36$C 443.36$C
Osisko Gold Royalties Ltd 13.93$C 40.00$C 62.68$C 51.58$C 29.09$C 1,214.30$C 1,212.44$C 499.25$C
Osisko Mining Corp. 8.64$C -104.00$C 675.65$C -453.02$C -403.89$C 1,731.07$C 1,731.07$C 161.40$C
Painted Pony Petroleum Ltd. 2.33$C n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Pan American Silver Corp. 19.40$C 57.00$C 774.78$C 176.27$C 184.47$C 1,399.00$C 1,396.30$C 180.88$C
Paramount Resource Class A 17.11$C 1,098.00$C 246.62$C 1,321.37$C 1,416.01$C 1,634.78$C 1,634.78$C 621.87$C
Parex Resources Inc Com 16.30$C -31.00$C 411.16$C -71.11$C -62.09$C 713.79$C 713.79$C 149.25$C
Parkland Fuel Corporation 26.75$C 50.00$C 6,266.00$C 67.00$C 107.20$C 803.90$C 803.90$C 25.60$C
Pason System Inc. 17.06$C -48.00$C 160.45$C -58.11$C 15.23$C 386.65$C 386.65$C 146.48$C
Pembina Pipeline Corp. 44.46$C 102.00$C 4,265.00$C 655.00$C 807.00$C 8,296.00$C 8,296.00$C 35.00$C
Pengrowth Energy Corp 0.98$C -54.00$C 566.20$C -387.10$C -255.20$C 1,485.00$C 1,485.00$C 286.70$C
Peyto Exploration & Development Corp 14.10$C 69.00$C 559.91$C 154.15$C 193.53$C 1,540.93$C 1,540.93$C 2.10$C
Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan 25.32$C 39.00$C 4,456.00$C 366.00$C 487.00$C 8,199.00$C 8,199.00$C 32.00$C
Power Corp. of Canada 32.62$C 259.00$C 35,050.00$C 3,850.00$C 4,462.00$C 35,061.00$C 13,864.00$C 5,182.00$C
Power Financial Corp. 34.99$C 295.00$C 35,050.00$C 3,967.00$C 4,477.00$C 32,216.00$C 19,481.00$C 4,396.00$C
Prairieskyroyalty 31.58$C 9.00$C 224.20$C 19.50$C 17.60$C 2,535.00$C 2,535.00$C 34.00$C
Precision Drilling Corp. 3.25$C -53.00$C 951.41$C -308.59$C -155.98$C 1,962.12$C 1,962.12$C 115.71$C
Pretium Resources Inc 13.51$C -47.00$C n/a -106.40$C -18.45$C 1,107.03$C 1,107.03$C 190.38$C
Primero Mining Corp. 0.09$C -12.00$C 219.18$C -255.88$C -257.41$C 461.13$C 461.13$C 19.88$C
Prometic Life Sciences Inc. 1.26$C -17.00$C 16.39$C -116.89$C -112.36$C 159.34$C 132.37$C 27.81$C
Pure Industrial Re Trust Units 6.70$C 70.00$C 186.94$C 157.50$C 195.77$C 1,379.19$C 1,352.50$C 56.94$C
Quebecor Inc. Class B 23.92$C 79.50$C 4,016.60$C 366.60$C 694.60$C 847.20$C 455.20$C 22.30$C
Raging River Exploration Inc 7.17$C 10.00$C 268.41$C 32.01$C 36.54$C 899.12$C 899.12$C n/a
Restaurant Brands International Inc. 78.58$C 148.00$C 4,145.80$C 1,199.80$C 1,646.50$C 3,488.60$C 1,702.50$C 1,460.40$C
Riocan Real Estate Trust 24.96$C 206.00$C 1,103.88$C 679.30$C 843.11$C 8,009.89$C 8,009.89$C 54.37$C
Ritchie Bros, Auctioneers, Inc. 37.23$C 86.00$C 566.40$C 130.49$C 135.72$C 691.83$C 687.06$C 207.87$C
Rogers Communications Inc. Class B 64.33$C 288.00$C 13,702.00$C 1,159.00$C 1,920.00$C 5,269.00$C 5,269.00$C n/a
Royal Bank of Canada 101.92$C 680.00$C 38,229.00$C 13,299.00$C 13,123.00$C 71,612.00$C 71,017.00$C 14,929.00$C
Russel Metals Inc. 28.84$C 78.00$C 2,578.60$C 97.30$C 119.00$C 825.30$C 825.30$C 181.80$C
Saputo Inc. 44.48$C 186.00$C 11,162.60$C 1,040.30$C 1,082.20$C 4,322.90$C 4,322.90$C 250.50$C
Secure Energy Services Inc 7.41$C -31.00$C 1,410.06$C -56.71$C -45.21$C 927.05$C 927.05$C 3.43$C
Semafo Inc. 3.37$C 15.00$C 300.48$C 59.17$C 60.09$C 735.58$C 708.03$C 273.77$C
Seven Generations Energy Ltd 16.47$C -9.00$C 1,240.20$C -33.60$C 105.10$C 3,822.80$C 3,822.80$C 630.80$C
Shaw Communications Inc. Class B 29.23$C 112.00$C 4,882.00$C 747.00$C 999.00$C 6,154.00$C 6,153.00$C 507.00$C
Shawcor Ltd 25.99$C -280.00$C 1,209.26$C -174.36$C -171.12$C 1,043.04$C 1,043.04$C 194.82$C
Sierra Wireless Inc. 26.42$C 48.00$C 615.61$C 19.69$C 21.35$C 361.58$C 361.58$C 102.77$C
Calloway Real Estate Investment Trust 30.17$C n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Smart Real Estate Investment Trust 31.17$C n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
SNC-Lavalin Group 56.31$C 170.00$C 8,470.83$C 269.98$C 312.10$C 3,896.33$C 3,873.22$C 1,055.48$C
Silver Standard Resources Inc. 10.61$C n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Stantec Inc. 35.05$C 169.00$C 4,300.13$C 180.82$C 213.41$C 1,976.50$C 1,975.73$C 219.75$C
Stella Jones Inc. 50.34$C 222.00$C 1,838.35$C 215.38$C 233.24$C 1,026.42$C 1,026.42$C 2.27$C
Sun Life Financial Inc. 52.24$C 405.00$C 30,496.00$C 3,445.00$C 3,761.00$C 22,368.00$C 21,956.00$C 8,642.00$C
Suncor Energy Inc. 43.66$C 28.00$C 26,807.00$C 86.00$C 501.00$C 44,630.00$C 44,630.00$C 3,016.00$C
Superior Plus Corp. 11.75$C 80.00$C 2,023.70$C 151.10$C 228.70$C 928.60$C 928.60$C 5.00$C
Surge Energy Inc 1.94$C -14.00$C 146.37$C -31.53$C -25.06$C 779.18$C 779.18$C n/a
Tahoe Resources Inc. 5.63$C 62.00$C 784.50$C 208.73$C 242.27$C 2,572.15$C 2,572.15$C 163.37$C
Talisman Energy Inc. 9.67$C -89.00$C 4,653.00$C -780.00$C -428.00$C 7,405.00$C 7,405.00$C 262.00$C
Teck Resources Ltd. Class B 30.67$C 191.00$C 9,300.00$C 1,628.00$C 1,725.00$C 17,601.00$C 17,442.00$C 1,407.00$C
Telus Corp. 48.00$C 258.00$C 12,725.00$C 1,662.00$C 2,182.00$C 7,936.00$C 7,917.00$C 432.00$C
TransForce Inc. 32.40$C n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
The Intertain Group Limited 0.00$C -371.00$C 384.46$C -225.79$C -178.31$C 589.83$C 589.83$C 64.82$C
Amaya Gaming Group Inc. 29.73$C n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Thomson Reuters 56.90$C 179.00$C 11,166.00$C 1,041.00$C 1,390.00$C 13,256.00$C 12,773.00$C 2,368.00$C
Tim Hortons Inc. 97.21$C 283.00$C 3,255.53$C 585.63$C 621.09$C 761.52$C 761.15$C 50.41$C
TMX Group Ltd 69.41$C 449.00$C 742.00$C 261.50$C 298.30$C 2,920.70$C 2,920.70$C 240.60$C
TORC Oil & Gas Ltd 6.67$C -30.00$C 238.50$C -63.58$C -49.21$C 1,349.32$C 1,349.32$C n/a
Torex Gold Resources Inc. 11.99$C 4.00$C 312.51$C 25.75$C 46.33$C 683.90$C 683.90$C 104.02$C
Toromont Industries Ltd. 54.67$C 199.00$C 1,867.28$C 213.33$C 216.56$C 885.43$C 885.43$C 188.74$C
Toronto-Dominion Bank 71.83$C 488.00$C 34,315.00$C 11,079.00$C 10,646.00$C 74,214.00$C 72,564.00$C 57,621.00$C
Tourmaline Oil Corp Com 20.66$C -14.00$C 1,075.66$C -36.02$C 12.64$C 6,768.28$C 6,740.73$C n/a
TransAlta Corp. 7.39$C 41.00$C 2,397.00$C 314.00$C 478.00$C 4,663.00$C 3,511.00$C 305.00$C
TransCanada Corp. 61.59$C 16.00$C 12,505.00$C 837.00$C 1,799.00$C 25,983.00$C 24,257.00$C 1,016.00$C
Transcontinental Inc. Class A 25.91$C 253.00$C 2,019.50$C 197.40$C 212.80$C 1,068.70$C 1,068.70$C 16.70$C
Tricon Capital Group Inc. 11.38$C 62.00$C 26.59$C 71.64$C 83.44$C 743.66$C 729.91$C 17.78$C
Trinidad Drilling Ltd. 1.46$C -24.00$C 359.89$C -87.79$C -44.90$C 1,249.86$C 1,242.67$C 25.78$C
Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd 3.94$C 10.00$C 1,203.28$C -3.67$C 20.97$C 7,903.99$C 8,726.88$C 1,417.75$C
Uni-Select Inc. 27.94$C 138.00$C 1,197.32$C 86.40$C 90.89$C 472.36$C 472.36$C 22.33$C
Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. 25.39$C -694.00$C 9,674.00$C -2,435.00$C -566.00$C 3,258.00$C 3,152.00$C 542.00$C
Vermilion Energy Inc 42.65$C -138.00$C 828.51$C -223.23$C -166.27$C 1,578.46$C 1,578.46$C 62.78$C
Progressive Waste Solutions Ltd 90.66$C n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
West Fraser Timber Co Ltd. 78.51$C 411.00$C 4,450.00$C 444.00$C 482.00$C 2,241.00$C 2,241.00$C 50.00$C
Western Forest Products Inc. 2.50$C 24.00$C 1,187.30$C 126.60$C 131.00$C 522.50$C 522.50$C 19.00$C
Westjet Airlines Ltd. 26.67$C 246.00$C 4,122.86$C 416.23$C 440.10$C 2,060.70$C 2,060.70$C 1,520.82$C
Weston (George) 110.58$C 396.00$C 47,999.00$C 1,555.00$C 2,255.00$C 14,790.00$C 7,764.00$C 1,560.00$C
Westshore Terminals Investment Corporation 25.80$C 162.00$C 287.15$C 161.45$C 165.16$C 625.72$C 625.72$C 90.75$C
Silver Wheaton Corp. 27.76$C n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Whitecap Resources Inc. 8.35$C 50.00$C 544.45$C 239.62$C 268.90$C 3,132.19$C 3,132.19$C n/a
WSP Global Inc 58.89$C 222.00$C 6,379.60$C 265.80$C 302.90$C 2,860.50$C 2,859.60$C 230.80$C
Yamana Gold Inc. 3.38$C 5.00$C 1,787.70$C -615.70$C -473.50$C 4,580.00$C 4,512.20$C 97.40$C