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When it comes to my trading style anything that is affecting the market right now is what I want to know about and as Digital Look provide an excellent and easy to read ‘company diary’, I honestly feel I would be lost without this valuable information.

I also love to read the ‘broker views’ section. I find myself chuckling to these a lot, but like it or not, often what they have to say can move a share price – so if someone has a view on any stocks I’m holding or are interested in, I need to know about it.

I like the clear and overall easy to read style of the website and the ‘i-Look’ section means you can put your favourite tools and information in one place.

As I can now follow Digital Look on Facebook this makes them very approachable and easy to keep up to date with when they introduce something new such as their help videos.

Private Investor

Hi Guys, Just a quick update, bought Level two (Research Plus) / Live feeds off you the other day, traded today and saved myself the cost of the research package on the trade by watching Level two order book and delaying purchase by couple of hours! Portfolio pages are a bit fiddly and have opted for the time being no...t to use. The site in general is good, as always everything can always be improved to make more user friendly etc. The main reason I updgraded to Research Plus was to obtain Level two, would be useful if this includes plus markets as well as main? Interesting to see how Market makers manipulate spreads and trades!

Private Investor

Hi Digital Look - great website by the way! I've been using it for about 6 months now and find the information invaluable.

Mr Polhill
Private Investor

As an online trader I want all the nitty-gritty on a prospective Company before committing to a Buy/Hold/Sell decision. Digital Look provides all the market news, broker views, newspaper links and research data I need to determine the history, current performance and future prospects of any UK registered business. It is packed with fantastic tools to help me isolate, manipulate and compare information and to distil that vital piece of data I need to make an optimum trading decision.

As a Facebook user I love the unique & un-stuffy way Digital Look stays in touch with me. Direct one-on-one chat, Q & A, helpful videos and even the opportunity to contribute are all available through the site.

I use Digital Look every single day and it is the biggest & best asset I have in my investment toolbox ... and it’s free!

Mr Wild
Private Investor

I fully agree with Mr.Wild's comments. Although I don’t' use Facebook but I fully rely on Digital Look data & comments etc....before trading equities.....I have made some fantastic profits. Thank you Digital Look

Dr Beg
Private Investor

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