Live | Ryder Cup: Europe and USA go to battle at Hazeltine

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The 41st Ryder Cup enters the final day on Sunday as Darren Clarke's European team hope to recover a three point deficit to take the trophy. They are taking on the might of the United States team in their own backyard of Hazeltine, with the scores finishing 9½-6½ in favour of Davis Love's team. There can only be one winner on Sunday and the singles matchups promise plenty of fireworks. Follow the action here...

03 Oct, 2016 00:07

Americans dominate on final day to clinch silverware

A dominating final-day singles performance on Sunday saw the United States win the Ryder Cup for the first time since 2008, outgunning Europe 17-11 at Hazeltine.

It was a different story earlier in the day, as Europe led in seven of the 12 singles matches, despite trailing 9½-6½ heading into the final day.


02 Oct, 2016 22:49

USA 17-11 Europe

Here's how the Sunday singles finished up:

1UP Patrick Reed v Rory McIlroy
Jordan Spieth v Henrik Stenson 3&2
JB Holmes v Thomas Pieters 3&2
1UP Rickie Fowler v Justin Rose
Jimmy Walker v Rafa Cabrera Bello 3&2
Phil Mickelson A/S Sergio Garcia
1UP Ryan Moore v Lee Westwood
3&1 Brandt Snedeker v Andy Sullivan
1UP Dustin Johnson v Chris Wood
5&4 Brooks Koepka v Danny Willett
Matt Kuchar v Martin Kaymer 1UP
4&3 Zach Johnson v Matt Fitzpatrick

02 Oct, 2016 22:45

Kaymer wins a small silver lining for the Europeans

It's just Kuchar and Kaymer left out on the course, and they're no doubt itching to join the others for some clubhouse refreshments. Kaymer continues his late form, which did see him come back from three down on the first nine, using his two putts to win the match, with a half giving him the one-hole victory over Kuchar. It is of course too little, too late for Europe, with Kuchar grinning from ear to ear despite the loss.

And that, folks, is the Ryder Cup!

Kuchar v Kaymer 1UP (F)

02 Oct, 2016 22:39

Darren Clarke comments through gritted teeth

There was a lot of blue early, and it looked as though our lads would put up a massive fight. Which they did, but the American guys holed their putts and showed their class. The bottom line is, the better team won! Some of the scoring has just been off the charts. It’s huge that our rookies blended in so well. - Darren Clarke
02 Oct, 2016 22:33

Johnson sweetens the win with a one hole victory

Dustin Johnson and Chris Wood both make pars on the last, giving Johnson the one hole victory. Americans like their sweet things, and this point will make that win just a little bit sweeter for the home team.

1UP D Johnson v Wood (F)
Kuchar v Kaymer 1UP (17)

02 Oct, 2016 22:27

American celebrations put the spooks up Wood

A golfer never abandons his match, and so a few are still out on the course. Wood lines up a putt for the win on 17, but he is visibly distracted by the trademark American 'wooping' from the crowd on 18, and he loses it. Back on 15, Zach Johnson seals up that match against Matthew Fitzpatrick.

1UP Moore v Westwood (F)
1UP D Johnson v Wood (17)
Kuchar v Kaymer 1UP (16)
4&3 Z Johnson v Fitzpatrick (F)

02 Oct, 2016 22:22

Davis Love III comments on American win

We lost Arnold Palmer on Sunday. It was a blow to our team. It’s not about one guy, but Bubba showed what heart we have. Everyone who played, and who didn’t play. I’m humbled that I’m in this position. These 12 players and the six captains. I’ll always remember Medinah, it was a lot of fun, and an experience, but this is different. I’m just super proud. We all pulled together. We’ve been kicked around for so long, so we did something different. And we’re going on with a better attitude from here on forward! - winning captain, Davis Love III
02 Oct, 2016 22:19Updated: 02 Oct, 2016 23:13

USA 16 - 10 Europe

An early finish means more time to celebrate and commiserate, right? Moore fires his second into 18 and lands it ten feet away from the flag. Westwood isn't much of an opponent, as he's choking on sand somewhere off the fairway. Moore easily clinches it, wins by one hole, and the Americans are laughing all the way to the clubhouse. Quite the performance from Moore, considering he only got the call to play a few days ago. An excellent win!

02 Oct, 2016 22:15

Wood almost guarantees a USA win

Wood manages birdie on 16, while Johnson eyes up a six footer for a birdie and a half. If he makes it, the Ryder Cup would be all but America's, with the half point getting him dormie two. He misses it, with Wood winning the hole, leaving Dustin one up.

Moore a/s Westwood (17)
3&1 Snedeker v Sullivan (F)
1UP D Johnson v Wood (16)
Kuchar v Kaymer 1UP (15)
3UP Z Johnson v Fitzpatrick (13)

02 Oct, 2016 22:07

Americans get closer to the silverware

Kaymer makes a lengthy putt look easy on 14, the ball making an audible clunk as he levels his score with Kuchar. On 16, Snedeker clinches a missable half to bring him dormie two against Sullivan. And up at 17, Moore lays himself an easy birdie to reach equilibrium with Westwood. The Americans are reaching for the silver polish.

Mickelson a/s Garcia (F)
Moore a/s Westwood (17)
2UP Snedeker v Sullivan (16)
2UP D Johnson v Wood (15)
5&4 Koepka v Willett (F)
Kuchar a/s Kaymer (14)
3UP Z Johnson v Fitzpatrick (13)

02 Oct, 2016 22:01

Moore stuns on the par-five 16

Moore stuns in the middle of 16, knocking his fairway wood right onto the green. Some credit to the course designer, with the banking on the right of the green curling his ball around to settle eight feet from the pot. Naturally he wins the hole, bringing him just one hole behind Westwood.

Mickelson a/s Garcia (17)
Moore v Westwood 1UP (16)
2UP Snedeker v Sullivan (15)
2UP D Johnson v Wood (15)
5&4 Koepka v Willett (F)
1UP Kuchar v Kaymer (13)
3UP Z Johnson v Fitzpatrick (12)

02 Oct, 2016 21:53

Garcia and Mickelson in for the long haul

The epic war between Garcia and Mickelson continues, as Garcia sends his tee shot soaring to eight feet on 17. Mickelson manages to get his to 10 feet, and nails the birdie putt with perfection. Garcia get his own back by chucking his in with a resonant rattle. These two are in it for the long haul.

Mickelson a/s Garcia (17)
Moore v Westwood 2UP (15)
2UP Snedeker v Sullivan (15)
1UP D Johnson v Wood (14)
5UP Koepka v Willett (13)
1UP Kuchar v Kaymer (13)
2UP Z Johnson v Fitzpatrick (11)

02 Oct, 2016 21:47

Rose's flaccid weekend finishes with a flop

Rose's flaccid weekend was perfectly exemplified by his second shot at 18, which he first fires to 15 feet. He could have the half, but he misses the hit. An almost equally miserable weekend for Fowler, but a one-hole win is enough to push the Americans closer to victory.

1UP Fowler v Rose (F)
Mickelson a/s Garcia (16)
Moore v Westwood 2UP (15)
2UP Snedeker v Sullivan (14)
2UP D Johnson v Wood (14)
5UP Koepka v Willett (13)
2UP Kuchar v Kaymer (12)
2UP Z Johnson v Fitzpatrick (11)

02 Oct, 2016 21:40
ryder cup

USA 10½-9½ Europe becomes 11½-9½

Rookie Rafa Cabrera-Bello is justifiably pleased to win a point for the holders, to take it to only a one-point difference. But then he's going to look behind him and not long after he's signed off his round, Rickie Fowler picks up the first of what looks to be a bunch of USA points. Justin Rose's putter let him down again today. Six more points look to be going to the home team, and that trophy is getting nearer.

1UP Reed v McIlroy (F)
Spieth v Stenson 3&2 (F)
Holmes v Pieters 3&2 (F)
Walker v Cabrera Bello 3&2 (F)
1UP Fowler v Rose (F)
1UP Mickelson v Garcia (15)
Moore a/s Westwood 1UP (14)
2UP Snedeker v Sullivan (13)
2UP D Johnson v Wood (13)
4UP Koepka v Willett (12)
2UP Kuchar v Kaymer (11)
2UP Z Johnson v Fitzpatrick (10)


02 Oct, 2016 21:34

Pieters speaks

Belgian Thomas Pieters is asked about his first ever Ryder Cup, where his four points out of five is the best ever debut in the tournament's history.

"It's different when you're out there on your own and don't have anybody to high five and Rory [McIlroy] to pick you up when you're down," he told Sky Sports. 

"The belief that Darren [Clarke, European captain] believes in me gives me a lot of confidence.

And speaking on the boisterous crowds, which were particularly vociferous in games with his playing partner Rory McIlroy:
"Nobody knows me so it's been pretty good."


02 Oct, 2016 21:27

USA on the way

USA are, on projected scores, looking like winning the Ryder Cup for the first time in four. 

Justin Rose misses another on the green at 16 and that allows Rickie Fowler to win the hole when he shows his English opponent how to do it and goes 1 up. Then Zach Johnson nails a biggie back in the last match to go 2 up. Phil Mickelson makes yet another birdie against Sergio Garcia, who also made his putt.

But here's the in-form Spaniard Rafa Cabrera-Bello a couple of holes before, who's chugging smoothly towards winning a point for the current holders, another great European debut.

1UP Reed v McIlroy (F)
Spieth v Stenson 3&2 (F)
Holmes v Pieters 2UP (F)
1UP Fowler v Rose (15)
Walker v Cabrera Bello 2UP (15)
1UP Mickelson v Garcia (14)
Moore A/S Westwood (13)
2UP Snedeker v Sullivan (12)
2UP D Johnson v Wood (11)
4UP Koepka v Willett (11)
2UP Kuchar v Kaymer (10)
2UP Z Johnson v Fitzpatrick (9)

02 Oct, 2016 21:15

USA 10½-8½ Europe

The big Belgian brings home a point for Europe as smooth as you like to bring the US lead back to two points. You'd never know this was his first Ryder Cup, winning an amazing four points out of five over the three days. Long-hitting JB Holmes only made par on the par-five 16th, so the rookie from Antwerp birdied to put the cherry on a 3&2 win.

02 Oct, 2016 20:57

USA 9½-7½ Europe

Henrik Stenson claims the first point of the final day here, after an impressive performance in seeing off Jordan Spieth. McIlroy has taken Patrick Reed to the final hole with a one hole deficit to make up, and to take a half would be a big result for Europe there.

1UP Reed v McIlroy (17)
Spieth v Stenson 2UP (15)
Holmes v Pieters 2UP (15)
Fowler a/s Rose (13)
Walker v Cabrera Bello 2UP (13)
Mickelson a/s Garcia (12)
Moore a/s Westwood (10)
1UP Snedeker v Sullivan (9)
2UP D Johnson v Wood (10)
2UP Koepka v Willett (9)
2UP Kuchar v Kaymer (6)
1UP Z Johnson v Fitzpatrick (6)

02 Oct, 2016 20:48

Reed on the brink

As well as Rory McIlroy has played today, Patrick Reed has just simply been better. He takes a two hole lead into the 17th and only a miracle will salvage a half for the Northern Irishman.

Dustin Johnson hits a birdie on the 9th to move further ahead of rookie Chris Wood, and its looking more and more likely that the home team will be the victors here.

02 Oct, 2016 20:35
ryder golf

America looking good

The USA currently lead six of the singles matches here, which puts them in a commanding position as the leaders approach the final couple of holes.

Europe need something to happen pretty quick as this Ryder Cup seems to be slipping from their grasp.

1UP Reed v McIlroy (15)
Spieth v Stenson 2UP (14)
Holmes v Pieters 1UP (13)
Fowler a/s Rose (13)
Walker v Cabrera Bello 1UP (12)
1UP Mickelson a/s Garcia (11)
Moore a/s Westwood (10)
1UP Snedeker v Sullivan (9)
1UP D Johnson v Wood (8)
1UP Koepka v Willett (7)
2UP Kuchar v Kaymer (6)
1UP Z Johnson v Fitzpatrick (6)

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