Market Bar Charts Help


How To Use

The first step is to select a data set, e.g. a sector or market. Choose 'Sector Averages' to see all sectors plotted against one another.

Then select the data type that you want to use (e.g. Share Performance, Growth Ratios, Director Deals, etc).

Next select the specific data point that you want to see in the Bar Charts (e.g. if you have already selected Growth Ratios as your data type you can now choose from EPS Growth, Dividend Growth, Turnover Growth, etc).

Finally, choose whether to sort the results by ticker or by data value.

The resulting Bar Chart will show the information based on the options you selected in the control panel.

Clicking on an individual bar will allow you to drill down further to gain more specific information.

Clicking on an index bar takes you to a bar chart of sector averages in that Index.

Clicking on a sector bar takes you to a bar chart of the companies in that sector.

Clicking on a company bar takes you to the company summary page.