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Date Company Name Ticker Broker name Recommendation Price Old price
New price
27-Apr-17 Morses Club MCL Numis Securities  Add 136.13p 0.00p 149.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 The Gym Group GYM Berenberg Bank  Buy 183.50p 0.00p 300.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Ibstock IBST Barclays  Overweight 226.90p 0.00p 245.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 South32 Limited (di) S32 Citigroup  Buy 161.50p 200.00p 190.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Allied Minds ALM Numis Securities  Hold 162.90p 0.00p 165.00p Restart Coverage
27-Apr-17 B&m European Value Retail S.a. (di) BME Deutsche  Buy 338.20p 330.00p 360.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Just Eat JE. Citigroup  Buy 586.00p 745.00p 780.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 BOO Citigroup  Neutral 187.00p 145.00p 200.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Jrp Group JRP RBC Capital Markets  Outperform 125.50p 0.00p 210.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Tla Worldwide TLA Numis Securities  Not Rated 30.50p 0.00p 0.00p Under review
27-Apr-17 Lsl Property Services LSL Numis Securities  Buy 211.50p 0.00p 257.00p Upgrade
27-Apr-17 Standard Life SL. RBC Capital Markets  Sector perform 361.60p 0.00p 370.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Ncc Group NCC Canaccord Genuity  Hold 139.00p 0.00p 118.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Petropavlovsk POG Canaccord Genuity  Speculative Buy 7.76p 0.00p 11.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Tyman TYMN Berenberg Bank  Buy 328.75p 330.00p 390.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Fidessa Group FDSA Numis Securities  Add 2,400.00p 0.00p 2,920.00p DownGrade
27-Apr-17 Oxford Instruments OXIG Numis Securities  Buy 953.00p 0.00p 1,220.00p Upgrade
27-Apr-17 Dart Group DTG Canaccord Genuity  Buy 598.00p 680.00p 680.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Crh CRH Numis Securities  Add 2,826.00p 0.00p 3,170.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Antofagasta ANTO Goldman Sachs  Sell 818.50p 0.00p 650.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Synthomer SYNT Numis Securities  Hold 495.00p 0.00p 460.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Smith (ds) SMDS Numis Securities  Add 432.80p 0.00p 495.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group JLT Numis Securities  Hold 1,096.00p 0.00p 1,150.00p DownGrade
27-Apr-17 Elementis ELM Berenberg Bank  Hold 307.00p 305.00p 315.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Croda International CRDA Deutsche  Hold 3,786.00p 3,400.00p 3,500.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Croda International CRDA Credit Suisse  Underperform 3,786.00p 3,300.00p 3,350.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Croda International CRDA Numis Securities  Hold 3,786.00p 0.00p 3,850.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Wpp WPP Numis Securities  Add 1,680.00p 0.00p 1,975.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Schroders SDR Numis Securities  Buy 3,205.00p 0.00p 3,738.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Prudential PRU RBC Capital Markets  Sector perform 1,738.00p 0.00p 1,600.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Prudential PRU Morgan Stanley  Overweight 1,738.00p 0.00p 2,095.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Legal & General Group LGEN RBC Capital Markets  Outperform 246.90p 0.00p 310.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Imperial Brands IMB Citigroup  Neutral 3,820.00p 0.00p 3,700.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Hsbc Holdings HSBA Goldman Sachs  Neutral 640.70p 740.00p 725.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Glaxosmithkline GSK HSBC  Buy 1,558.50p 1,970.00p 1,970.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Glaxosmithkline GSK Deutsche  Hold 1,558.50p 1,720.00p 1,700.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Glaxosmithkline GSK Credit Suisse  Neutral 1,558.50p 0.00p 1,750.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Aviva AV. RBC Capital Markets  Outperform 528.00p 0.00p 540.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Bhp Billiton BLT HSBC  Buy 1,153.50p 1,500.00p 1,500.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Bhp Billiton BLT Deutsche  Hold 1,153.50p 1,460.00p 1,450.00p Reiteration
27-Apr-17 Bhp Billiton BLT Credit Suisse  Neutral 1,153.50p 0.00p 1,380.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Metro Bank MTRO RBC Capital Markets  Sector perform 3,518.00p 0.00p 3,750.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Metro Bank MTRO Numis Securities  Sell 3,518.00p 0.00p 2,000.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Equiniti Group EQN Goldman Sachs  Buy 220.00p 236.00p 226.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Uls Technology ULS Numis Securities  Buy 105.62p 0.00p 125.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Abzena ABZA N 1 Singer  Corporate 33.50p 0.00p 0.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Ssp Group SSPG Deutsche  Hold 445.20p 0.00p 440.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Virgin Money Holdings (uk) VM. Barclays  Overweight 332.70p 380.00p 380.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Patisserie Holdings CAKE Canaccord Genuity  Buy 328.75p 0.00p 405.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Cambian Group CMBN Numis Securities  Add 155.75p 0.00p 161.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Just Eat JE. Deutsche  Buy 586.00p 0.00p 725.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 BOO N 1 Singer  Hold 187.00p 0.00p 145.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Merlin Entertainments MERL Morgan Stanley  Overweight 505.50p 560.00p 580.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Jupiter Fund Management JUP Numis Securities  Buy 476.50p 0.00p 545.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Nostrum Oil & Gas NOG Credit Suisse  Outperform 440.10p 535.00p 545.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Londonmetric Property LMP Jefferies  Hold 168.80p 160.00p 170.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Safestore Holdings SAFE Jefferies  Hold 407.00p 361.00p 375.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Hml Holdings HMLH FinnCap  Corporate 41.00p 0.00p 0.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Proactis Holdings PHD N 1 Singer  Buy 182.50p 0.00p 189.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Proactis Holdings PHD FinnCap  Corporate 182.50p 0.00p 235.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Accsys Technologies AXS Numis Securities  Buy 74.75p 117.00p 117.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Vipera VIP FinnCap  Corporate 5.25p 0.00p 6.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Blancco Technology Group BLTG FinnCap  Sell 169.00p 0.00p 100.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Telit Communications TCM Canaccord Genuity  Buy 365.75p 355.00p 390.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Brooks Macdonald Group BRK N 1 Singer  Buy 2,204.00p 0.00p 2,175.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Brooks Macdonald Group BRK Canaccord Genuity  Buy 2,204.00p 0.00p 2,320.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Brooks Macdonald Group BRK Numis Securities  Add 2,204.00p 0.00p 2,250.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 London Stock Exchange Group LSE RBC Capital Markets  Outperform 3,391.00p 3,500.00p 3,600.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 London Stock Exchange Group LSE Numis Securities  Hold 3,391.00p 0.00p 2,800.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Pci-pal PCIP N 1 Singer  Corporate 49.00p 0.00p 0.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Workspace Group WKP Jefferies  Underweight 876.00p 600.00p 666.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Walker Greenbank WGB N 1 Singer  Buy 214.50p 0.00p 270.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Shaftesbury SHB Jefferies  Hold 942.00p 888.00p 940.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Stadium Group SDM N 1 Singer  Corporate 124.00p 0.00p 0.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Oxford Instruments OXIG N 1 Singer  Hold 953.00p 0.00p 810.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Nichols NICL N 1 Singer  Corporate 1,852.00p 0.00p 0.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Derwent London DLN Jefferies  Underweight 3,007.00p 2,257.00p 2,500.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Devro DVO N 1 Singer  Hold 207.50p 0.00p 200.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Clarkson CKN Canaccord Genuity  Buy 2,921.00p 0.00p 3,270.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Segro SGRO Jefferies  Underweight 489.80p 425.00p 420.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Pennon Group PNN HSBC  Buy 870.00p 940.00p 940.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Next NXT Jefferies  Underweight 4,303.00p 0.00p 3,500.00p DownGrade
26-Apr-17 Great Portland Estates GPOR Jefferies  Underweight 702.00p 563.00p 550.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Elementis ELM Jefferies  Hold 307.00p 285.00p 271.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Elementis ELM Credit Suisse  Outperform 307.00p 0.00p 350.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Whitbread WTB Barclays  Equal-weight 4,050.00p 4,150.00p 3,875.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Whitbread WTB Morgan Stanley  Overweight 4,050.00p 0.00p 4,700.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Whitbread WTB Credit Suisse  Outperform 4,050.00p 0.00p 4,870.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Whitbread WTB Numis Securities  Hold 4,050.00p 0.00p 4,200.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 United Utilities Group UU. HSBC  Buy 984.00p 1,060.00p 1,070.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Severn Trent SVT HSBC  Reduce 2,320.00p 2,330.00p 2,200.00p DownGrade
26-Apr-17 Reckitt Benckiser Group RB. Barclays  Equal-weight 7,194.00p 7,230.00p 7,100.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Compass Group CPG Deutsche  Hold 1,550.00p 0.00p 1,600.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Centrica CNA Goldman Sachs  Sell 198.80p 0.00p 194.00p Reiteration
26-Apr-17 Sky SKY Jefferies  Buy 989.00p 1,050.00p 1,200.00p Upgrade
26-Apr-17 Bhp Billiton BLT Goldman Sachs  Sell 1,153.50p 0.00p 1,100.00p Reiteration
25-Apr-17 Ascential ASCL Berenberg Bank  Buy 345.00p 0.00p 400.00p New Coverage
25-Apr-17 Cityfibre Infrastructure Holdings CITY FinnCap  Corporate 59.50p 0.00p 130.00p Reiteration
25-Apr-17 Eland Oil & Gas ELA Canaccord Genuity  Buy 57.25p 100.00p 110.00p Upgrade
25-Apr-17 Optibiotix Health OPTI FinnCap  Corporate 69.25p 0.00p 0.00p Under review
25-Apr-17 Glencore GLEN Goldman Sachs  Buy 299.65p 390.00p 365.00p Reiteration
25-Apr-17 Minds + Machines Group Limited (di) MMX FinnCap  Corporate 10.25p 0.00p 0.00p Under review
25-Apr-17 Imaginatik IMTK FinnCap  Corporate 2.13p 0.00p 4.00p Reiteration
25-Apr-17 Connect Group CNCT FinnCap  Buy 124.75p 0.00p 200.00p Reiteration
25-Apr-17 Debenhams DEB Citigroup  Neutral 51.30p 0.00p 55.00p Reiteration
25-Apr-17 Hansteen Holdings HSTN JP Morgan Cazenove  Underweight 125.50p 110.00p 125.00p Reiteration
25-Apr-17 Rockhopper Exploration RKH Canaccord Genuity  Buy 23.00p 75.00p 70.00p Upgrade
25-Apr-17 Sound Energy SOU FinnCap  Hold 68.00p 0.00p 93.00p Reiteration
25-Apr-17 Micro Focus International MCRO Citigroup  Buy 2,551.00p 0.00p 2,755.00p Reiteration
25-Apr-17 Europa Oil & Gas (holdings) EOG FinnCap  Corporate 6.75p 0.00p 36.00p Reiteration
25-Apr-17 Vectura Group VEC RBC Capital Markets  Underperform 141.00p 190.00p 133.00p DownGrade
25-Apr-17 Centaur Media CAU N 1 Singer  Buy 45.75p 0.00p 58.00p Reiteration
25-Apr-17 Vedanta Resources VED Goldman Sachs  Buy 666.00p 1,450.00p 950.00p Reiteration
25-Apr-17 Carillion CLLN JP Morgan Cazenove  Overweight 222.80p 231.00p 292.00p Upgrade
25-Apr-17 Vp VP. N 1 Singer  Corporate 841.00p 0.00p 0.00p Reiteration
25-Apr-17 Rathbone Brothers RAT N 1 Singer  Sell 2,380.00p 0.00p 2,100.00p Reiteration
25-Apr-17 Fenner FENR FinnCap  Buy 331.50p 0.00p 385.00p Reiteration
25-Apr-17 Carpetright CPR Canaccord Genuity  Sell 225.25p 0.00p 149.00p Reiteration
25-Apr-17 Antofagasta ANTO Goldman Sachs  Sell 818.50p 800.00p 650.00p DownGrade
25-Apr-17 Weir Group WEIR JP Morgan Cazenove  Overweight 1,945.00p 1,800.00p 2,175.00p Upgrade
25-Apr-17 Smith & Nephew SN. Deutsche  Hold 1,273.00p 0.00p 1,200.00p Reiteration
25-Apr-17 Provident Financial PFG Jefferies  Buy 3,245.00p 3,732.00p 3,845.00p Reiteration
25-Apr-17 Hammerson HMSO HSBC  Buy 596.00p 658.00p 668.00p Reiteration
25-Apr-17 Elementis ELM N 1 Singer  Corporate 307.00p 0.00p 0.00p Reiteration
25-Apr-17 Balfour Beatty BBY JP Morgan Cazenove  Neutral 284.10p 273.00p 278.00p Reiteration
25-Apr-17 Whitbread WTB Canaccord Genuity  Buy 4,050.00p 0.00p 4,500.00p Reiteration
25-Apr-17 Wpp WPP Deutsche  Buy 1,680.00p 0.00p 1,890.00p Reiteration
25-Apr-17 Wpp WPP Goldman Sachs  Buy 1,680.00p 0.00p 2,090.00p New Coverage
25-Apr-17 Vodafone Group VOD Goldman Sachs  Buy 202.15p 270.00p 270.00p Reiteration
25-Apr-17 Standard Chartered STAN Deutsche  Sell 741.30p 0.00p 620.00p Reiteration
25-Apr-17 Hsbc Holdings HSBA Deutsche  Hold 640.70p 635.00p 616.00p Reiteration
25-Apr-17 Bt Group BT.A Goldman Sachs  Neutral 308.10p 360.00p 350.00p Reiteration
25-Apr-17 Bhp Billiton BLT Goldman Sachs  Sell 1,153.50p 1,400.00p 1,100.00p DownGrade
25-Apr-17 Anglo American AAL Goldman Sachs  Neutral 1,088.00p 1,500.00p 1,100.00p DownGrade
24-Apr-17 B&m European Value Retail S.a. (di) BME HSBC  Buy 338.20p 0.00p 350.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Zpg Plc ZPG Barclays  Overweight 370.30p 385.00p 420.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Pets At Home Group PETS HSBC  Hold 189.10p 0.00p 200.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Tritax Big Box Reit BBOX Numis Securities  Hold 140.30p 0.00p 136.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Polymetal International POLY Goldman Sachs  Buy 1,022.00p 1,200.00p 1,200.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Capital & Counties Properties CAPC JP Morgan Cazenove  Underweight 322.20p 275.00p 290.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Dixons Carphone DC. HSBC  Buy 333.30p 0.00p 450.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Ocado Group OCDO HSBC  Reduce 250.70p 0.00p 200.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Mortice Ltd. (di) MORT FinnCap  Corporate 91.50p 0.00p 105.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Fresnillo FRES Goldman Sachs  Sell 1,436.00p 1,050.00p 1,100.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Nasstar NASA FinnCap  Corporate 8.75p 0.00p 13.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Goals Soccer Centres GOAL Canaccord Genuity  Buy 109.50p 0.00p 145.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Booker Group BOK HSBC  Buy 192.20p 0.00p 250.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Dunelm Group DNLM HSBC  Buy 604.00p 0.00p 800.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Halfords Group HFD HSBC  Buy 375.00p 0.00p 415.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Avacta Group AVCT FinnCap  Corporate 89.50p 0.00p 200.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Centamin (di) CEY Goldman Sachs  Buy 177.20p 200.00p 215.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Asos ASC HSBC  Hold 5,665.00p 0.00p 5,900.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Lok'n Store Group LOK FinnCap  Corporate 430.00p 0.00p 510.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Randgold Resources Ltd. RRS Goldman Sachs  Neutral 6,700.00p 8,000.00p 8,000.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Petra Diamonds Ltd.(di) PDL FinnCap  Buy 129.50p 0.00p 203.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Petra Diamonds Ltd.(di) PDL Canaccord Genuity  Buy 129.50p 0.00p 165.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Next NXT HSBC  Reduce 4,303.00p 0.00p 3,530.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Morrison (wm) Supermarkets MRW HSBC  Reduce 234.40p 0.00p 200.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Inchcape INCH HSBC  Buy 856.50p 0.00p 940.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Go-ahead Group GOG Barclays  Equal-weight 1,753.00p 1,975.00p 1,920.00p New Coverage
24-Apr-17 Computacenter CCC Credit Suisse  Outperform 800.00p 940.00p 990.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Brown (n.) Group BWNG HSBC  Hold 240.00p 0.00p 215.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Unilever ULVR numis  Hold 3,968.50p 0.00p 4,197.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Unilever ULVR JP Morgan Cazenove  Neutral 3,968.50p 3,800.00p 3,950.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Tesco TSCO HSBC  Reduce 182.50p 0.00p 260.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Sainsbury (j) SBRY HSBC  Reduce 273.90p 0.00p 205.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Reckitt Benckiser Group RB. Numis Securities  Add 7,194.00p 0.00p 8,000.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Prudential PRU HSBC  Hold 1,738.00p 1,469.00p 1,771.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Marks & Spencer Group MKS Morgan Stanley  Overweight 366.30p 0.00p 460.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Marks & Spencer Group MKS HSBC  Buy 366.30p 0.00p 465.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Kingfisher KGF HSBC  Hold 335.80p 0.00p 380.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Centrica CNA UBS  Neutral 198.80p 255.00p 215.00p DownGrade
24-Apr-17 Bt Group BT.A Deutsche  Sell 308.10p 0.00p 275.00p Reiteration
24-Apr-17 Bae Systems BA. Deutsche  Buy 631.00p 650.00p 665.00p Reiteration
21-Apr-17 Hastings Group Holdings HSTG Berenberg Bank  Buy 297.30p 253.00p 315.00p Reiteration
21-Apr-17 Bacanora Minerals Ltd Npv (di) BCN Canaccord Genuity  Speculative Buy 89.75p 95.00p 110.00p Reiteration
21-Apr-17 Ergomed ERGO N 1 Singer  Buy 196.00p 293.00p 360.00p Reiteration
21-Apr-17 Zpg Plc ZPG Macquarie  Neutral 370.30p 0.00p 361.00p Reiteration
21-Apr-17 Gulf Marine Services GMS Canaccord Genuity  Buy 71.00p 70.00p 80.00p Reiteration
21-Apr-17 Learning Technologies Group LTG Numis Securities  Add 52.75p 0.00p 60.00p DownGrade
21-Apr-17 Talktalk Telecom Group TALK HSBC  Buy 193.00p 175.00p 250.00p Upgrade
21-Apr-17 Acacia Mining ACA Jefferies  Hold 397.20p 475.00p 450.00p Reiteration
21-Apr-17 Acacia Mining ACA Numis Securities  Buy 397.20p 0.00p 600.00p Reiteration
21-Apr-17 Debenhams DEB Deutsche  Hold 51.30p 52.00p 50.00p Upgrade
21-Apr-17 Essentra ESNT Citigroup  Sell 536.00p 430.00p 440.00p DownGrade
21-Apr-17 Essentra ESNT Numis Securities  Add 536.00p 0.00p 565.00p Reiteration
21-Apr-17 National Grid NG. Macquarie  Neutral 1,007.00p 880.00p 1,005.00p Upgrade
21-Apr-17 Reneuron Group RENE N 1 Singer  Buy 2.15p 0.00p 9.00p Reiteration
21-Apr-17 Hunting HTG Canaccord Genuity  Sell 567.00p 425.00p 425.00p Reiteration
21-Apr-17 Dcc DCC Berenberg Bank  Buy 7,245.00p 0.00p 8,500.00p Reiteration
21-Apr-17 Vernalis Plc VER N 1 Singer  Hold 19.88p 0.00p 28.00p Reiteration
21-Apr-17 Weir Group WEIR Credit Suisse  Outperform 1,945.00p 0.00p 2,100.00p Reiteration
21-Apr-17 Segro SGRO Citigroup  Buy 489.80p 0.00p 560.00p Reiteration
21-Apr-17 Laird LRD Numis Securities  Hold 141.25p 0.00p 150.00p Restart Coverage
21-Apr-17 Go-ahead Group GOG JP Morgan Cazenove  Overweight 1,753.00p 2,497.00p 2,277.00p Reiteration
21-Apr-17 Brown (n.) Group BWNG N 1 Singer  Buy 240.00p 0.00p 280.00p Reiteration
21-Apr-17 Standard Chartered STAN Credit Suisse  Underperform 741.30p 0.00p 570.00p Reiteration
21-Apr-17 Rio Tinto RIO Macquarie  Outperform 3,030.00p 0.00p 4,000.00p Reiteration
21-Apr-17 Royal Bank Of Scotland Group RBS Credit Suisse  Underperform 253.40p 0.00p 235.00p Reiteration
21-Apr-17 Marks & Spencer Group MKS Barclays  Overweight 366.30p 0.00p 410.00p New Coverage
21-Apr-17 Lloyds Banking Group LLOY Credit Suisse  Neutral 68.97p 0.00p 70.00p Reiteration
21-Apr-17 Centrica CNA Macquarie  Neutral 198.80p 0.00p 220.00p DownGrade
21-Apr-17 Bt Group BT.A HSBC  Buy 308.10p 420.00p 370.00p Reiteration
21-Apr-17 Bhp Billiton BLT Macquarie  Outperform 1,153.50p 0.00p 1,490.00p Reiteration
21-Apr-17 Barclays BARC Credit Suisse  Outperform 223.95p 0.00p 260.00p Reiteration
21-Apr-17 Astrazeneca AZN Jefferies  Hold 4,698.00p 5,050.00p 4,900.00p Reiteration
21-Apr-17 Associated British Foods ABF Numis Securities  Hold 2,832.00p 0.00p 2,923.00p Reiteration