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Date Company Name Ticker Broker name Recommendation Price Old price
New price
20-Jan-17 Worldpay Group WPG Goldman Sachs  Buy 285.70p 400.00p 400.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 South32 Limited (di) S32 Deutsche  Hold 161.00p 0.00p 150.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Midatech Pharma MTPH N 1 Singer  Buy 142.00p 0.00p 283.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Royal Mail RMG Jefferies  Underperform 414.00p 390.00p 360.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Royal Mail RMG Credit Suisse  Neutral 414.00p 559.00p 481.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Acacia Mining ACA JP Morgan Cazenove  Overweight 412.80p 590.00p 580.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Ocado Group OCDO Exane BNP Paribas  Underperform 261.90p 0.00p 215.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Safestore Holdings SAFE Berenberg Bank  Buy 359.30p 405.00p 415.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Experian EXPN Credit Suisse  Outperform 1,539.00p 1,505.00p 1,630.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Halfords Group HFD N 1 Singer  Buy 382.20p 0.00p 435.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Halfords Group HFD HSBC  Buy 382.20p 375.00p 415.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Avacta Group AVCT FinnCap  Corporate 72.50p 0.00p 200.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 National Grid NG. Berenberg Bank  Buy 938.00p 970.00p 1,050.00p Upgrade
20-Jan-17 Qinetiq Group QQ. Liberum Capital  Hold 262.20p 0.00p 270.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Inmarsat ISAT Deutsche  Buy 656.00p 1,030.00p 1,020.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Ultra Electronics Holdings ULE Liberum Capital  Buy 1,893.00p 0.00p 2,160.00p Upgrade
20-Jan-17 Elecosoft ELCO FinnCap  Corporate 36.25p 0.00p 40.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Cairn Energy CNE Barclays  Overweight 238.60p 295.00p 295.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Cairn Energy CNE Deutsche  Hold 238.60p 0.00p 270.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Chemring Group CHG Liberum Capital  Buy 184.00p 0.00p 192.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Chemring Group CHG JP Morgan Cazenove  Neutral 184.00p 165.00p 170.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Aveva Group AVV Goldman Sachs  Sell 1,895.00p 1,560.00p 1,850.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Aveva Group AVV Credit Suisse  Outperform 1,895.00p 1,900.00p 2,200.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Bovis Homes Group BVS Deutsche  Hold 797.00p 0.00p 1,066.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 4imprint Group FOUR Berenberg Bank  Hold 1,700.00p 1,900.00p 1,950.00p DownGrade
20-Jan-17 Synthomer SYNT N 1 Singer  Buy 424.30p 0.00p 430.00p Upgrade
20-Jan-17 Taylor Wimpey TW. Deutsche  Buy 167.60p 0.00p 244.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 St James's Place STJ JP Morgan Cazenove  Overweight 1,060.00p 1,108.00p 1,192.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Senior SNR Liberum Capital  Hold 199.10p 0.00p 180.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Sage Group SGE Goldman Sachs  Buy 643.50p 850.00p 900.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Persimmon PSN Deutsche  Hold 1,932.00p 0.00p 2,069.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Morrison (wm) Supermarkets MRW Exane BNP Paribas  Neutral 240.00p 0.00p 240.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Meggitt MGGT Liberum Capital  Sell 435.20p 0.00p 400.00p DownGrade
20-Jan-17 Cobham COB Liberum Capital  Buy 138.00p 0.00p 160.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Spirent Communications SPT Goldman Sachs  Neutral 97.25p 76.00p 103.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Brown (n.) Group BWNG HSBC  Hold 221.10p 205.00p 215.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Whitbread WTB Barclays  Equal-weight 4,120.00p 3,340.00p 4,150.00p Upgrade
20-Jan-17 Tesco TSCO Exane BNP Paribas  Underperform 198.30p 0.00p 175.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Rolls-royce Holdings RR. Liberum Capital  Hold 688.50p 0.00p 670.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Lloyds Banking Group LLOY JP Morgan Cazenove  Overweight 65.07p 70.00p 75.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Glaxosmithkline GSK Jefferies  Hold 1,546.50p 390.00p 360.00p Reiteration
20-Jan-17 Gkn GKN Liberum Capital  Sell 343.00p 0.00p 300.00p DownGrade
20-Jan-17 Bhp Billiton BLT JP Morgan Cazenove  Underweight 1,440.00p 0.00p 1,265.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Convatec Group CTEC HSBC  Buy 238.00p 0.00p 310.00p New Coverage
19-Jan-17 Aggregated Micro Power Holdings AMPH FinnCap  Corporate 68.00p 0.00p 0.00p Under review
19-Jan-17 Empiric Student Property ESP Jefferies  Buy 107.25p 0.00p 125.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Royal Mail RMG Credit Suisse  Neutral 414.00p 0.00p 559.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Arrow Global Group ARW Jefferies  Buy 301.75p 359.00p 384.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Coca-cola Hbc Ag (cdi) CCH Goldman Sachs  Buy 1,821.00p 0.00p 2,120.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Glencore GLEN Goldman Sachs  Neutral 318.35p 0.00p 370.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Capital & Counties Properties CAPC Jefferies  Underperform 269.50p 250.00p 220.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Acacia Mining ACA Credit Suisse  Outperform 412.80p 0.00p 625.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Londonmetric Property LMP Jefferies  Hold 146.30p 172.00p 160.00p DownGrade
19-Jan-17 Safestore Holdings SAFE Jefferies  Hold 359.30p 0.00p 361.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Rightmove RMV ICAP  Sell 3,923.00p 0.00p 3,770.00p DownGrade
19-Jan-17 Rightmove RMV Citigroup  Sell 3,923.00p 0.00p 3,770.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Drax Group DRX Credit Suisse  Outperform 377.80p 0.00p 425.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Hansteen Holdings HSTN Jefferies  Hold 108.90p 0.00p 105.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Allergy Therapeutics AGY numis  Buy 25.25p 0.00p 37.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 G4s GFS Barclays  Equal-weight 246.20p 160.00p 260.00p Upgrade
19-Jan-17 Premier Foods PFD Jefferies  Hold 41.50p 50.00p 43.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Vedanta Resources VED Goldman Sachs  Buy 995.00p 0.00p 1,500.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Group MONY numis  Add 326.50p 0.00p 325.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Group MONY Canaccord Genuity  Buy 326.50p 363.00p 380.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Burberry Group BRBY Barclays  Overweight 1,652.00p 0.00p 1,760.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Burberry Group BRBY Jefferies  Hold 1,652.00p 1,290.00p 1,480.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Burberry Group BRBY Deutsche  Hold 1,652.00p 1,475.00p 1,525.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Unite Group UTG Jefferies  Hold 571.50p 0.00p 595.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Big Yellow Group BYG Jefferies  Hold 693.00p 0.00p 740.00p DownGrade
19-Jan-17 Pci-pal PCIP N 1 Singer  Corporate 39.00p 0.00p 0.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Intu Properties INTU Jefferies  Underperform 271.30p 0.00p 229.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Workspace Group WKP Jefferies  Underperform 755.00p 0.00p 600.00p DownGrade
19-Jan-17 Wilmington WIL numis  Buy 270.00p 0.00p 375.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Shaftesbury SHB Jefferies  Hold 888.00p 0.00p 888.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Mitie Group MTO numis  Reduce 203.90p 0.00p 166.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Grainger GRI Jefferies  Hold 237.00p 199.00p 220.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Greencore Group GNC Jefferies  Buy 236.00p 0.00p 300.00p Restart Coverage
19-Jan-17 Derwent London DLN Jefferies  Underperform 2,477.00p 0.00p 2,257.00p DownGrade
19-Jan-17 Aveva Group AVV numis  Add 1,895.00p 0.00p 2,050.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Antofagasta ANTO Goldman Sachs  Neutral 762.00p 0.00p 800.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Weir Group WEIR Credit Suisse  Outperform 2,010.00p 0.00p 2,200.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Smith (ds) SMDS numis  Add 433.90p 0.00p 465.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Smith (ds) SMDS Citigroup  Buy 433.90p 0.00p 453.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Segro SGRO Jefferies  Hold 457.00p 0.00p 445.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 St Ives SIV numis  Buy 73.00p 0.00p 155.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Shire Plc SHP Deutsche  Buy 4,393.00p 0.00p 6,300.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Pennon Group PNN Credit Suisse  Underperform 776.50p 0.00p 750.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Wetherspoon (j.d.) JDW numis  Reduce 930.50p 0.00p 745.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Wetherspoon (j.d.) JDW Canaccord Genuity  Sell 930.50p 720.00p 850.00p DownGrade
19-Jan-17 Wetherspoon (j.d.) JDW HSBC  Buy 930.50p 1,060.00p 1,060.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Wetherspoon (j.d.) JDW Citigroup  Buy 930.50p 0.00p 1,030.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Hammerson HMSO Jefferies  Underperform 544.00p 0.00p 473.00p DownGrade
19-Jan-17 Great Portland Estates GPOR Jefferies  Underperform 613.50p 0.00p 563.00p DownGrade
19-Jan-17 British Land Company BLND Jefferies  Underperform 590.50p 0.00p 500.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Barratt Developments BDEV Canaccord Genuity  Hold 494.60p 490.00p 530.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Wpp WPP HSBC  Buy 1,843.00p 0.00p 2,180.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 United Utilities Group UU. Credit Suisse  Outperform 895.00p 990.00p 1,000.00p Upgrade
19-Jan-17 Severn Trent SVT Credit Suisse  Neutral 2,210.00p 2,100.00p 2,190.00p Upgrade
19-Jan-17 Sse SSE Credit Suisse  Neutral 1,506.00p 0.00p 1,550.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Rio Tinto RIO Goldman Sachs  Neutral 3,450.00p 0.00p 3,500.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Pearson PSON Barclays  Equal-weight 589.00p 740.00p 550.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Pearson PSON Deutsche  Hold 589.00p 730.00p 600.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Pearson PSON Goldman Sachs  Sell 589.00p 0.00p 512.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Land Securities Group LAND Jefferies  Hold 984.50p 0.00p 950.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Glaxosmithkline GSK Deutsche  Hold 1,546.50p 1,760.00p 1,800.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Bhp Billiton BLT Goldman Sachs  Neutral 1,440.00p 0.00p 1,550.00p Reiteration
19-Jan-17 Anglo American AAL Goldman Sachs  Buy 1,289.50p 0.00p 1,600.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Non-standard Finance NSF JP Morgan Cazenove  Overweight 56.75p 100.00p 92.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Tui Ag Reg Shs (di) TUI JP Morgan Cazenove  Overweight 1,132.00p 1,170.00p 1,305.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Quartix Holdings QTX FinnCap  Corporate 290.00p 0.00p 375.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Ssp Group SSPG JP Morgan Cazenove  Neutral 391.00p 390.00p 400.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Spire Healthcare Group SPI Berenberg Bank  Buy 320.60p 0.00p 360.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Fdm Group (holdings) FDM FinnCap  Buy 625.50p 0.00p 0.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 B&m European Value Retail S.a. (di) BME Canaccord Genuity  Buy 299.20p 295.00p 350.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Game Digital GMD Canaccord Genuity  Hold 56.25p 55.00p 58.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Shoe Zone SHOE numis  Buy 180.00p 0.00p 200.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Merlin Entertainments MERL JP Morgan Cazenove  Neutral 481.40p 460.00p 475.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Countrywide CWD Citigroup  Neutral 170.00p 0.00p 185.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Central Asia Metals CAML FinnCap  Buy 233.00p 0.00p 264.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Thomas Cook Group TCG JP Morgan Cazenove  Neutral 84.70p 85.00p 92.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Hochschild Mining HOC RBC Capital Markets  Outperform 225.80p 330.00p 290.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Hochschild Mining HOC Shore Capital  Not Rated 225.80p 0.00p 0.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Experian EXPN Shore Capital  Hold 1,539.00p 0.00p 0.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Best Of The Best BOTB FinnCap  Corporate 352.50p 0.00p 338.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Hydrogen Group HYDG Shore Capital  House Stock 36.50p 0.00p 0.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Mariana Resources Ltd MARL Shore Capital  Not Rated 81.00p 0.00p 0.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Royal Dutch Shell 'b' RDSB Goldman Sachs  Buy 2,316.00p 2,371.00p 2,460.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Ig Group Holdings IGG Barclays  Overweight 540.00p 950.00p 612.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Premier Foods PFD Shore Capital  Sell 41.50p 0.00p 0.00p DownGrade
18-Jan-17 Dignity DTY Berenberg Bank  Buy 2,470.00p 0.00p 2,825.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Intercontinental Hotels Group IHG JP Morgan Cazenove  Underweight 3,750.00p 2,975.00p 3,260.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Intercontinental Hotels Group IHG HSBC  Hold 3,750.00p 2,900.00p 3,700.00p Upgrade
18-Jan-17 Inmarsat ISAT JP Morgan Cazenove  Neutral 656.00p 950.00p 830.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Randgold Resources Ltd. RRS Deutsche  Buy 6,715.00p 0.00p 7,400.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Mitie Group MTO Canaccord Genuity  Hold 203.90p 195.00p 195.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Diploma DPLM numis  Add 993.50p 0.00p 1,015.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Cairn Energy CNE numis  Add 238.60p 0.00p 270.00p DownGrade
18-Jan-17 Henry Boot BHY numis  Buy 204.50p 0.00p 265.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Anglo Pacific Group APF Shore Capital  Not Rated 131.75p 0.00p 0.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Smith & Nephew SN. Berenberg Bank  Hold 1,205.00p 0.00p 1,340.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Shire Plc SHP Berenberg Bank  Buy 4,393.00p 5,800.00p 5,900.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Pennon Group PNN Barclays  Underweight 776.50p 730.00p 730.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Provident Financial PFG Canaccord Genuity  Buy 2,782.00p 3,215.00p 3,215.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Wetherspoon (j.d.) JDW Shore Capital  Hold 930.50p 0.00p 0.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Wetherspoon (j.d.) JDW Canaccord Genuity  Hold 930.50p 720.00p 720.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Wetherspoon (j.d.) JDW Investec Securities  Buy 930.50p 1,044.00p 1,075.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Spectris SXS Deutsche  Buy 2,453.00p 2,184.00p 2,795.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Vesuvius VSVS UBS  Buy 440.00p 400.00p 490.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Whitbread WTB JP Morgan Cazenove  Neutral 4,120.00p 3,735.00p 3,845.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 United Utilities Group UU. Barclays  Equal-weight 895.00p 970.00p 900.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Rio Tinto RIO JP Morgan Cazenove  Overweight 3,450.00p 3,750.00p 3,800.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Pearson PSON numis  Sell 589.00p 0.00p 710.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Pearson PSON Liberum Capital  Sell 589.00p 0.00p 570.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Lloyds Banking Group LLOY UBS  Buy 65.07p 67.00p 75.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Ladbrokes Coral Group LCL numis  Hold 127.90p 0.00p 140.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Ladbrokes Coral Group LCL Shore Capital  Hold 127.90p 0.00p 0.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Ladbrokes Coral Group LCL Canaccord Genuity  Buy 127.90p 165.00p 165.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Compass Group CPG JP Morgan Cazenove  Overweight 1,408.00p 1,600.00p 1,685.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Diageo DGE Jefferies  Buy 2,152.00p 2,300.00p 2,500.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Diageo DGE Credit Suisse  Outperform 2,152.00p 2,430.00p 2,430.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Bt Group BT.A Jefferies  Hold 387.15p 385.00p 400.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Sky SKY Shore Capital  Hold 999.00p 0.00p 0.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Bp BP. Goldman Sachs  Neutral 498.35p 0.00p 515.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 British American Tobacco BATS Citigroup  Buy 4,760.00p 0.00p 5,400.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 British American Tobacco BATS Credit Suisse  Outperform 4,760.00p 4,950.00p 5,100.00p Reiteration
18-Jan-17 Astrazeneca AZN Deutsche  Buy 4,318.50p 0.00p 6,000.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 Aldermore Group ALD JP Morgan Cazenove  Neutral 215.80p 220.00p 250.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 Ergomed ERGO numis  Buy 186.50p 0.00p 267.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 River And Mercantile Group RIV numis  Hold 241.50p 0.00p 240.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 Cityfibre Infrastructure Holdings CITY FinnCap  Corporate 53.00p 0.00p 130.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 Arrow Global Group ARW JP Morgan Cazenove  Overweight 301.75p 330.00p 350.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 Learning Technologies Group LTG numis  Buy 44.00p 0.00p 46.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 Glencore GLEN HSBC  Buy 318.35p 0.00p 440.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 Dotdigital Group DOTD FinnCap  Corporate 58.75p 0.00p 70.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 International Personal Finance IPF JP Morgan Cazenove  Underweight 172.30p 250.00p 180.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 Hargreaves Lansdown HL. JP Morgan Cazenove  Neutral 1,310.00p 1,100.00p 1,350.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 Ashmore Group ASHM JP Morgan Cazenove  Underweight 290.80p 305.00p 275.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 Velocys Plc VLS numis  Buy 63.75p 0.00p 107.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 Hikma Pharmaceuticals HIK Jefferies  Buy 1,938.00p 2,065.00p 2,162.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 Royal Dutch Shell 'a' RDSA Jefferies  Buy 2,223.00p 2,450.00p 2,700.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 Henderson Group HGG JP Morgan Cazenove  Neutral 239.60p 280.00p 245.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 Dechra Pharmaceuticals DPH numis  Add 1,422.00p 0.00p 1,520.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 7digital Group 7DIG FinnCap  Corporate 6.88p 0.00p 16.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 Paragon Group Of Companies PAG JP Morgan Cazenove  Underweight 405.60p 270.00p 340.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 Intermediate Capital Group ICP JP Morgan Cazenove  Overweight 705.00p 775.00p 830.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 Aberdeen Asset Management ADN JP Morgan Cazenove  Neutral 264.50p 320.00p 270.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 Tate & Lyle TATE Deutsche  Buy 683.50p 0.00p 875.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 Tate & Lyle TATE Citigroup  Neutral 683.50p 900.00p 750.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 Provident Financial PFG numis  Not Rated 2,782.00p 0.00p 0.00p Under review
17-Jan-17 Man Group EMG JP Morgan Cazenove  Overweight 125.20p 155.00p 150.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 Cobham COB Berenberg Bank  Hold 138.00p 160.00p 132.00p Upgrade
17-Jan-17 Aggreko AGK Deutsche  Buy 1,017.00p 0.00p 1,000.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 Standard Chartered STAN Bank of America  Buy 752.90p 0.00p 900.00p Upgrade
17-Jan-17 Rolls-royce Holdings RR. Jefferies  Buy 688.50p 0.00p 900.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 Rolls-royce Holdings RR. Citigroup  Buy 688.50p 0.00p 0.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 Rio Tinto RIO HSBC  Buy 3,450.00p 0.00p 4,000.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 Rio Tinto RIO Citigroup  Neutral 3,450.00p 0.00p 3,500.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 Bp BP. Jefferies  Hold 498.35p 430.00p 500.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 Bhp Billiton BLT HSBC  Hold 1,440.00p 1,200.00p 1,550.00p Reiteration
17-Jan-17 Anglo American AAL HSBC  Buy 1,289.50p 1,100.00p 1,470.00p Upgrade
16-Jan-17 Ascential ASCL Exane BNP Paribas  Neutral 292.40p 0.00p 280.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Mccarthy & Stone MCS Deutsche  Buy 162.80p 0.00p 211.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Auto Trader Group AUTO Exane BNP Paribas  Sell 386.60p 0.00p 490.00p DownGrade
16-Jan-17 Spire Healthcare Group SPI Credit Suisse  Underperform 320.60p 0.00p 300.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Zoopla Property Group ZPLA Exane BNP Paribas  Neutral 343.60p 0.00p 320.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Zoopla Property Group ZPLA Citigroup  Neutral 343.60p 0.00p 350.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 HUR FinnCap  Buy 48.25p 0.00p 91.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Independent Oil & Gas IOG FinnCap  Corporate 15.50p 0.00p 110.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Frontier Developments FDEV numis  Hold 280.00p 0.00p 300.00p DownGrade
16-Jan-17 Crest Nicholson Holdings CRST Deutsche  Hold 492.60p 0.00p 564.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Acacia Mining ACA Canaccord Genuity  Buy 412.80p 0.00p 445.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Acacia Mining ACA Deutsche  Buy 412.80p 0.00p 550.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Rhythmone RTHM numis  Buy 40.00p 0.00p 52.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Foxtons Group FOXT Citigroup  Buy 93.50p 0.00p 110.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Ashmore Group ASHM numis  Hold 290.80p 0.00p 290.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Debenhams DEB numis  Hold 53.25p 0.00p 55.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Rightmove RMV Exane BNP Paribas  Outperform 3,923.00p 0.00p 47.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Goals Soccer Centres GOAL Canaccord Genuity  Buy 107.50p 135.00p 130.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Paypoint PAY Canaccord Genuity  Buy 962.50p 0.00p 1,162.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Dunelm Group DNLM numis  Add 674.50p 0.00p 825.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Itv ITV Exane BNP Paribas  Neutral 201.50p 0.00p 205.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Itv ITV Citigroup  Buy 201.50p 0.00p 235.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Tyman TYMN Canaccord Genuity  Buy 280.00p 0.00p 320.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Castleton Technology CTP FinnCap  Corporate 56.50p 0.00p 90.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Kenmare Resources KMR Canaccord Genuity  Buy 344.00p 0.00p 510.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Marston's MARS HSBC  Hold 136.00p 140.00p 130.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Redrow RDW Deutsche  Hold 446.00p 0.00p 519.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Cobham COB Goldman Sachs  Sell 138.00p 0.00p 110.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Bellway BWY Deutsche  Hold 2,500.00p 0.00p 2,950.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Berkeley Group Holdings (the) BKG Deutsche  Buy 2,787.00p 0.00p 3,559.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Barratt Developments BDEV Deutsche  Buy 494.60p 0.00p 605.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Wpp WPP Exane BNP Paribas  Outperform 1,843.00p 0.00p 2,230.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Vodafone Group VOD Berenberg Bank  Buy 206.05p 0.00p 250.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Vodafone Group VOD HSBC  Hold 206.05p 0.00p 240.00p DownGrade
16-Jan-17 Ubm UBM Citigroup  Buy 715.00p 0.00p 875.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Sse SSE Goldman Sachs  Neutral 1,506.00p 0.00p 1,612.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Relx Plc REL Exane BNP Paribas  Outperform 1,425.00p 0.00p 20.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Marks & Spencer Group MKS numis  Reduce 337.20p 0.00p 295.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Imperial Brands IMB Jefferies  Buy 3,601.00p 4,300.00p 4,400.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Glaxosmithkline GSK Jefferies  Buy 1,546.50p 1,700.00p 1,750.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Daily Mail And General Trust A (non.v) DMGT Exane BNP Paribas  Sell 750.50p 0.00p 720.00p DownGrade
16-Jan-17 Bt Group BT.A HSBC  Buy 387.15p 470.00p 480.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 Sky SKY Exane BNP Paribas  Neutral 999.00p 0.00p 1,075.00p Reiteration
16-Jan-17 British American Tobacco BATS Jefferies  Buy 4,760.00p 5,700.00p 5,800.00p Reiteration