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  • Monday newspaper round-up: Euro surge, bank bill, football deal

    Monday 24 Apr 2017

    (ShareCast News) - The euro surged to its highest level in almost six months after early projections indicated that the runoff for the French presidency would come down to a second-round duel between independent centrist Emmanuel Macron and far-right leader Marine Le Pen. Investors cheered the early projections, which were announced an hour before foreign exchange markets opened in Australia. - Telegraph

  • Sunday newspaper round-up: Inflation, election manifestos, US tax, Imagination Tech

    Sunday 23 Apr 2017

    (ShareCast News) - Britain's households could be spared a further blow from higher inflation because the snap election has pushed up the pound, limiting the chance of more rises in the cost of imports. Economists believe that a bigger Conservative majority could strengthen sterling - or at least stop it falling further - protecting living standards and so holding back one of the main threats to the UK economy this year, the Sunday Telegraph noted.

  • Friday newspaper round-up: World Bank, Tata Steel, FTSE pay

    Friday 21 Apr 2017

    (ShareCast News) - The president of the World Bank has told Theresa May that cutting the UK's aid budget could lead to an increase in conflict, terrorism and migration and would damage Britain's international reputation. In a strongly worded response to reports that the government was considering dropping its commitment to devote 0.7% of national income to aid each year, Jim Kim said the money the UK provided was vital not just for developing countries but for the future of the world. - Guardian

  • Thursday newspaper round-up: Immigration, US concerns, Sky, Facebook

    Thursday 20 Apr 2017

    (ShareCast News) - Theresa May is being forced into a concession over migrant targets as part of the price for calling a snap poll. The prime minister is ready to soften her longstanding opposition to taking foreign students out of immigration totals. - The Times

  • Wednesday newspaper round-up: RBS, RWE, Next, Greece

    Wednesday 19 Apr 2017

    (ShareCast News) - Philip Hammond has signalled that the government is facing a multibillion-pound loss from selling off its 73% stake in Royal Bank of Scotland. The chancellor told MPs that that "we have to live in the real world", as he indicated that the remaining shares could be sold below the 502p average price that was paid for them during 2008 and 2009 when £45bn of taxpayers' money was pumped into the Edinburgh-based bank. - Guardian

  • Tuesday newspaper round-up: Inflation, property, RBS, Debenhams

    Tuesday 18 Apr 2017

    (ShareCast News) - UK households should brace themselves for steeper price rises after a leading accountancy body warned that protecting customers from higher costs is now "unsustainable" for businesses. Inflation has already started to bite with prices up 2.3pc in the past year as, despite fierce competition pushing retailers to delay price hikes, the weak pound has pushed up the cost of imports. - Telegraph

  • Sunday newspaper round-up: North Korea, Turkey, Tesco

    Monday 17 Apr 2017

    (ShareCast News) - The US and China are working on a response to the North Korean missile crisis, Donald Trump's top security adviser has said. General HR McMaster said China had joined an international consensus that Kim Jong-un's "threatening behaviour" could not continue. The countries are working on a "range of options" in response to a failed missile test by the regime and growing tensions over its nuclear programme. - The Sunday Times

  • Thursday newspaper round-up: US-China deal, RBS, Sky, Barclays

    Thursday 13 Apr 2017

    (ShareCast News) - President Trump has offered China an audacious grand bargain: the promise of a stable trade relationship between the world's two largest economies in return for its help in neutering North Korea's nuclear programme. The White House believes that Kim Jong-un's regime is on course to build a nuclear missile capable of reaching the West Coast of America by the end of Mr Trump's four-year term. - The Times

  • Wednesday newspaper round-up: Trump, cyber attacks, Jes Staley

    Wednesday 12 Apr 2017

    (ShareCast News) - Donald Trump's plan to encourage US companies to repatriate profits held offshore will allow the 50 biggest American corporations to save at least $300bn (£240bn), according to research by Oxfam. The US president has promised that he will get America's biggest companies to bring their vast offshore cash piles back to US soil by offering a one-off tax holiday. The plan is to tax repatriated money at 10% rather than at the statutory rate of 35%. - Guardian

  • Tuesday newspaper round-up: Russian sanctions, energy prices, Shell scandal

    Tuesday 11 Apr 2017

    (ShareCast News) - Theresa May threw her weight behind efforts to impose sanctions on Russia over its backing for President Assad last night in the face of European opposition. Her intervention will dismay European allies, who were resisting plans set out by Boris Johnson for sanctions against Russian military officials. - The Times

  • Monday newspaper round-up: Rich and clean, Lloyds, IPOs, retail

    Monday 10 Apr 2017

    (ShareCast News) - Britain has been the most successful of the G7 group of nations in boosting its economy and cutting climate emissions in the past 25 years, according to a report that suggests it is possible for countries to get richer and cleaner at the same time. The UK has cut its per capita carbon dioxide emissions by a greater percentage than any other member of the bloc in the quarter century since the first UN Earth Summit, when world leaders gathered in Rio de Janeiro to agree global action to protect the planet, according to data from the International Energy Agency. - The Times

  • Sunday newspaper round-up: UK growth, Brexit, banks, diesel, Tesco

    Sunday 09 Apr 2017

    (ShareCast News) - Britain is on the verge of an export and spending boom as economists rule out the likelihood of a slowdown this year. The EY Item Club has predicted strong global growth combined with the weak pound will send overseas sales soaring, giving businesses the confidence to ramp up investment, with a surge in foreign demand and domestic business investment reinforcing growth even as inflation dents households' spending power. - Sunday Telegraph

  • Friday newspaper round-up: Housebuilders, BHS, Feelunique

    Friday 07 Apr 2017

    (ShareCast News) - The Competition and Markets Authority is examining payments between housebuilders and the providers of warranties for new homes as part of a review of NHBC, the largest warranty provider. The CMA announced last month it was reviewing undertakings made by NHBC, the standard-setting body for new-build properties in the UK and the main warranty provider. These 22-year-old undertakings were designed to improve competition in the warranty market. - Guardian

  • Thursday newspaper round-up: Tesco, Akzo Nobel, Poor productivity

    Thursday 06 Apr 2017

    (ShareCast News) - Tesco is cutting night shifts for shelf stackers in some of its biggest supermarkets in a fresh shakeup that puts 3,000 jobs at risk. The UK's biggest retailer said the consultation process with night workers in the 69 impacted stores would begin this summer. As part of the changes, eight stores will stop trading round the clock, while other roles will be eliminated by plans to merge customer service counters with lottery and tobacco kiosks. - The Guardian

  • Wednesday newspaper round-up: Syria, City of London, Tesla

    Wednesday 05 Apr 2017

    (ShareCast News) - Up to 100 people were killed and hundreds injured yesterday in the deadliest nerve-gas attack in Syria in four years, prompting international condemnation of President Assad's regime. Witnesses said that missiles filled with sarin nerve gas were fired by planes into Khan Sheikhoun, a frontline town in rebel-held Idlib province, early yesterday, suffocating civilians as they slept. - The Times

  • Tuesday newspaper round-up: Brexit spat, Tesco, alcohol prices, Lloyds

    Tuesday 04 Apr 2017

    (ShareCast News) - Theresa May's claim that "no deal is better than a bad deal" has been slammed as unsubstantiated by a parliamentary committee, but its pro-Brexit MPs have refused to back the findings. The chair, Hilary Benn, called on the government to urgently prepare for the "worst-case" scenario of crashing out of the EU without a trade deal, and asked for an impact assessment of what the economic fallout would be. - Guardian

  • Monday newspaper round-up: Tesco, FCA, HBOS, Brexit. Virgin Money

    Monday 03 Apr 2017

    (ShareCast News) - One of the most influential shareholder groups in the City has raised doubts about Tesco's proposed £3.5 billion purchase of the wholesaler Booker, saying that it could put corner shops out of business and trigger a backlash against the retail giant. Hermes Fund Managers said that it planned to raise the issue with Tesco before the vote on the deal. - The Times

  • Sunday newspaper round-up: Reckitt Benckiser, Virgin Money, Booker's

    Sunday 02 Apr 2017

    (ShareCast News) - Reckitt Benckiser is lining up a sale of its food business to help fund the £14.3bn takeover of baby food maker Mead Johnson Nutrition. Reckitt has informed banks of a plan to dispose of its £2bn food division, according to senior sources. The FTSE 100 maker of Durex condoms and Nurofen painkillers has held a beauty parade of advisers. The deal would see the sale of French's, the bestselling mustard brand in America, and Frank's Red Hot sauces. - The Sunday Times

  • Friday newspaper round-up: Bradford&Bingley, BT Group, Armed forces

    Friday 31 Mar 2017

    (ShareCast News) - Chancellor Philip Hammond has triggered the sale of £11.8bn worth of Bradford & Bingley loans bought during the financial crisis. The Government said the funds would be sold to Prudential and Blackstone and delivered "value for money" for the taxpayer. Mr Hammond said: "The sale of these Bradford & Bingley assets for £11.8bn marks another major milestone in our plan to get taxpayers' money back following the financial crisis. We are determined to return the financial assets we own to the private sector and today's sale is further proof of the confidence investors have in the UK economy." - The Daily Telegraph

  • Thursday newspaper round-up: Lloyd's of London, Heathrow, gig economy

    Thursday 30 Mar 2017

    (ShareCast News) - Lloyd's of London will announce on Thursday that it has picked Brussels as the base for its new EU subsidiary to secure a European foothold after the UK's departure from the EU. The announcement by the world's biggest insurance market will be made alongside its annual results, a day after Theresa May triggered article 50 to kickstart the process of leaving the EU. - Guardian

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