i-Look Help



Draw charts of companies, indices, commodities, funds and more. You can select from the following chart types: Line, Area, Candlestick, HL, HLC, OHLC, Logarithmic. You can also see a range of time periods from 1 day to a full history.

How to edit

Click on the Edit button to open the Editing panel. There are two areas you can edit:

Chart type

To change your chart type click on the drop down box that's labelled 'What chart type would you like to see?' and select from the available options. Once you have made your selection your chart will update and the Editing panel will automatically close.

Chart data

To change the chart data you can enter a name or ticker in the box titled 'Enter a name or ticker' and then select the market. The default is to search all markets but you may find that this returns too many results. When you have entered your name/ticker and market, click on the Submit button. This will return a list of up to 20 possible matches. If the company you want is in the list, click on its name and the chart will load and the Edit panel will automatically close. If the company you want is not on the list, click on either the Edit button or the link at the bottom of the list to refine your search and try again.