i-Look Help


Adding a page

You need to be logged in to add a page. Then, simply click on the 'Add Page' button and a new page will appear. You need to give your page a name. Type in any name of your choice and hit the return key and you will be set up and ready to start customising your new page.

Renaming a page

You can rename any page (even if it is one of the pages we created for you.) To rename a page you need to go to that page and then click on the page title. This will open up an editing box where you can delete the old page name and type in a new one. Once you are finished just hit the return key and your new name will be saved.

Adding gadgets to a page

You can have up to 15 gadgets on any page. To add a gadget, click on the 'Add Gadgets' tab and this will open up a menu. Once you have decided on a gadget you would like just click on the word 'add' and it will appear on your page at the top left. When you are finished, click on the 'I'm finished' tab at the bottom of the menu and this will minimise.

Tips on adding gadgets

You can add up to 15 gadgets to any page. This could be a selection of gadgets or you can add the same gadget multiple times. For example, if you want to look at two charts side by side you can add the Charting gadget to your page twice! When you add a gadget it will appear at the top left of your page, but remember that you can move it around and put it in a position of your choice. Remember - if you are not logged in your changes won't be saved.

What the buttons do

Moving a gadget

You can move gadgets on the page and put them in the position that best suits you. To move a gadget place your mouse on the top section of the gadget (usually next to the title is best). Your mouse cursor will change to a 4 way arrow (like a compass) when it is in the right position. When you see the 4 way arrow, click and hold down your mouse button. Now move your mouse around the page and the gadget will also move. As you move the gadget you will see blue shadows appearing on the page which are spaces where your gadget could be placed. When you are happy with the position of the blue shadow simply release the button on your mouse and the gadget will drop into place.

Top tips

Remember to login before you start customising your gadgets or your page. If you are not logged in your changes will be lost as soon as you leave the page. Also, don't be afraid to click on buttons and links and see what happens. If you accidentally delete a gadget, you can simply add it again. If you move something to a new position and don't like it, you can move it back. If you click on a link that takes you to a new section of the site you can always get back to your pages by clicking the main i-Look tab at the top of the website. And if you get truly lost you can email our customer service team for help at