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The hottest headlines of the day, based on the number of people reading them online. This gadget shows stories that have been published in the last 24 hours and orders them from most popular to least popular. Hold your mouse over a news headline and it will expand to show you the first sentence of the story. Click on the story headline to go to a news page and read the full story. For more Popular News, click on the gadget title to go to our News Map of popular news.

How to edit

Click on the Edit button to see all the news categories you can select. Company News is the default, but you can also look at Comment & Analysis, Commodities News, Currencies News, Economic News and Market Reports. Once you have selected the news categories you want to see, click on the 'close' link to minimise the Edit panel. You can use the +/- buttons to show more or fewer news stories for every category.