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The Heat Map tool gives a colourful visual view on companies that are moving in the market. If you want to find which company share prices have risen or fallen, which shares have the best financial ratios and much more, the Heat Maps provide an easy-to-use way of highlighting the relevant market information.

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Automobiles and related providers -0.89% Energy Producers -0.77% Defense and Aeronautics -0.72%
Food -0.72% Retailers -0.70% IT Services -0.57%
Alternative Investment Instruments -0.46% Utilities -0.41% Mining -0.32%
Electricity Generation and Distribution -0.24% Property Investment Trusts -0.19% Electronic and Electrical Equipment -0.16%
Real Estate -0.12% Support -0.06% Manufacturing -0.02%
Investment Firms -0.01% Financials 0.01% Fossil Fuels Production & Distribution 0.01%
Industrial Chemicals 0.01% Food Pharmacy Retail 0.06% Paper and Other Forestry Products 0.11%
Beverages 0.15% Construction and Building Materials 0.20% Engineering 0.25%
Tourism and Leisure Services 0.28% Insurance 0.29% Banking 0.45%
Health Care 0.46% Media 0.60% Telecom Operators 0.61%
Pharma and Biotech 0.62% Household Goods 0.63% IT Hardware 0.66%
Personal Goods 0.68% Tobacco 1.22% Commercial Transport 2.16%
Leisure Products 3.81%            

Note 1: Please note that suspended stocks will not be included in the list of companies.
Note 2: Forecast data and broker recommendations are provided by JCF/Factset.
Note 3: RiskGrade figures are provided by RiskMetrics.
Note 4: Under IFRS, all figures are based on 'Continuing' plus 'Discontinued' operations unless otherwise stated.

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