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The Currencies page gives you real time currency rates across the market, charting, historical rates and a currency converter.

FX rate comparison option
Very High ChangeVery High Change
Medium ChangeMedium Change
Low Changelow Change
Medium Negative ChangeMedium Negative Change
Very High Negative ChangeVery High Negative Change
Base CurrencyBase Currency
Currency global heat map Canadian Dollar US Dollar Brazillian Real Peruvian Nuevo Sol Uruguayan Peso Chilean Peso Argintine Peso South African Rand Nigerian Naira Israeli Shekel United Arab Emirates Dirham Swiss Franc UK Pound Euro Czech Koruna Hungarian Forint Polish Zioty Norweignan krone Swedish krone Ukrainian Hrivna Indian Rupee Thai Baht Taiwan New Dollar Chinese Yuan Renminibi Japanese Yen Australian Dollar New Zealand Dollar Danish Krone


This Geographical FX Heat Map provides a global summary of currency changes over multiple time periods, all relative to your selected base currency.

Understanding the Geographical FX Heat Map

The tool displays the relative change for listed global currencies plotted against your selected base currency, based on FXTrade data taken daily at 10:00 p.m. GMT.

The base currency's country of origin is indicated through a coloured highlight

Currencies weaker than the base currency. Currencies stronger than the base currency

Select a different time period from the slider above the map image

To view the relative rates against a different base currency, use the dropdown to select a new base currency and the geographical FX Heat Map will reload.

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