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The Funds Channel compiles comprehensive information on all types of collective investments and includes detailed educational guides to help you understand how to make the most from funds.

Fund Search

Search for a specific fund by typing in its name, or click on the links to browse for funds in a particular sector or by a particular fund manager.

Fnd Manager Search

This easy search page enables you to look for a fund provided by a specific fund manager. Simply click on the fund manager that you would like to research and a page with all the relevant funds will be returned.

Funds Sector Search

Easily search for a fund by a specific sector. Simply click on the sector that you would like to research and a page with all the relevant funds will be returned.

Fund Directory

Use this directory to find Fund providers and learn more about your options. We have done all the hard work and have sorted all the providers into four handy categories - Unit Trust Providers, OEIC Providers, ISA Providers, and Fund Supermarkets.

Fund Screener

The Funds Screener tool allows you to funds that meet your criteria. You can enter a custom set of criteria relating to sector, fund manager, price performance and more. Enter as few or as many criteria as you like, and view the resulting matches in a performance table. For more information on how to use the screener tool, see our Screener Help.

Fund Performance Tables

View a set of funds in a performance table to see how they measure up. Compare price, risk and background information for any group of funds to help you sort the wheat from the chaff.

For more help, see our general Performance Tables Help.

Fund Learning Centre

The Fund Learning Centre is available to help you understand the different types of funds available, and guide you in making educated choices.

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