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  • Friday newspaper round-up: Netflix, Amazon, rental market

    Friday 03 Feb 2023

    (Sharecast News) - Netflix has mistakenly launched a set of guidelines for cracking down on password sharing to global users. The streaming service said the guidelines being trialled in Chile, Peru and Costa Rica had been posted accidentally across its help centre pages including in the US on Wednesday, but had since been taken down. - Guardian

  • Thursday newspaper round-up: Water bills, British Gas, Meta

    Thursday 02 Feb 2023

    (Sharecast News) - Households in England and Wales are facing the biggest increase to water bills in almost two decades from April, putting further pressure on budgets already weathering the cost of living crisis. The industry body Water UK said the typical water bill will increase to an average of £448 a year from April, a hike of 7.5%. - Guardian

  • Wednesday newspaper round-up: Stealth taxes, Lotus, PayPal

    Wednesday 01 Feb 2023

    (Sharecast News) - Almost 13,000 offshore companies holding UK property have failed to declare their ultimate owners and may now face fines and a ban on selling their land, the government has said. Martin Callanan, a business minister, praised the introduction of the new register of overseas owners of UK properties, saying it had been "invaluable for tax and revenue services, bringing transparency to opaque offshore trusts often used to obscure assets for tax purposes". - Guardian

  • Wednesday newspaper round-up: Stealth taxes, Lotus, PayPal

    Wednesday 01 Feb 2023

    (Sharecast News) - Almost 13,000 offshore companies holding UK property have failed to declare their ultimate owners and may now face fines and a ban on selling their land, the government has said. Martin Callanan, a business minister, praised the introduction of the new register of overseas owners of UK properties, saying it had been "invaluable for tax and revenue services, bringing transparency to opaque offshore trusts often used to obscure assets for tax purposes". - Guardian

  • Tuesday newspaper round-up: TikTok, Arrival, Twitter

    Tuesday 31 Jan 2023

    (Sharecast News) - As the US legislative battle over TikTok continues to escalate, Shou Zi Chew, the chief executive of the video-sharing app, will make his first appearance before Congress to testify next month. Chew will testify before the House energy and commerce committee on 23 March, Republican representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers confirmed in a statement on Monday, as scrutiny of the Chinese-owned app over data privacy concerns grows. - Guardian

  • Monday newspaper round-up: Dividends, streaming services, Frasers Group

    Monday 30 Jan 2023

    (Sharecast News) - The regular dividends that investors receive from owning shares in UK-listed companies soared by 16.5% in 2022, far outstripping wage growth in either the private or public sector. Investors' returns from underlying dividends - excluding volatile one-off payouts - reached £84.8bn during the year, partly owing to a £3.8bn boost from the weakness of the pound, which inflated the figures for dividends paid in dollars. - Guardian

  • Sunday newspaper round-up: Dividends, BP, Capricorn Energy

    Monday 30 Jan 2023

    (Sharecast News) - Companies' dividend payments jumped by 8% to reach £94.3bn, led by big banks alongside a surge in payouts from oil outfits. share buybacks meanwhile reached 2% of the combined value of UK-listed companies. However, Link Group anticipates that payments will decline by 2.8% in 2023 to reach £91.7bn and believes that the economic backdrop is "decidedly gloomier" than one year ago with higher interest rates set to pressure margins further. - Financial Mail on Sunday

  • Friday newspaper round-up: Wise, Royal Mail, Shell

    Friday 27 Jan 2023

    (Sharecast News) - One of the UK's fintech darlings, Wise, could face a regulatory investigation after a rival startup accused the money transfer firm of stifling competition. London-headquartered Atlantic Money has written to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to raise concerns over potential conflicts of interest and anti-competitive behaviour after Wise blocked the firm from a swathe of its own price comparison sites. - Guardian

  • Thursday newspaper round-up: Britishvolt, car production, Home Reit

    Thursday 26 Jan 2023

    (Sharecast News) - The battery startup Britishvolt owed as much as £120m to creditors when it collapsed last week in a major blow to hopes of sustaining the British car industry, it can be revealed. Creditors are expected to recover a very small proportion of the debts, according to a source with knowledge of the matter, although there are understood to be several bids for the company and its assets. EY, a professional services firm, is handling the administration. - Guardian

  • Wednesday newspaper round-up: Britishvolt, Fox Corp/News Corp, energy suppliers

    Wednesday 25 Jan 2023

    (Sharecast News) - An Australian-based startup, Recharge Industries, has made a nonbinding offer for the collapsed UK battery company Britishvolt that could revive plans to construct a large plant in northern England. The bid was lodged in the UK late on Tuesday, shortly after a cash crunch at Britishvolt sent the company into administration. The collapse has severely dented the country's attempts to modernise its automotive industry and supply the next generation of UK-built electric vehicles. - Guardian

  • Tuesday newspaper round-up: UK steel, Google, BT

    Tuesday 24 Jan 2023

    (Sharecast News) - The companies running Britain's four remaining steel blastfurnaces have been offered £600m in government support to help fund the switch from coal and invest in lower-emissions technology. The chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, is expected to confirm £300m each for British Steel and Tata Steel in an announcement as soon as this week, although the timing will depend on them accepting the offers. The BBC first reported the government offer to both companies. - Guardian

  • Monday newspaper round-up: Recession, Saga, National Grid

    Monday 23 Jan 2023

    (Sharecast News) - The UK's impending recession could be twice as bad as previously thought, according to leading economic forecasters at the business consultancy EY. Reduced government support, higher taxes and an overall worsening outlook have all led the firm's analysts to conclude that the next three years could be worse than they anticipated three months ago. In October, EY's Item Club had predicted a 0.3% contraction in gross domestic product (GDP) this year, followed by 2.4% growth next year and a 2.3% rise in 2025. But in an updated forecast released on Monday, it said GDP would drop 0.7% this year, followed by growth of 1.9% and 2.2% over the next two years. - Guardian

  • Sunday newspaper round-up: Coal-fired power plants, Metro Bank, Asda

    Sunday 22 Jan 2023

    (Sharecast News) - National Grid has called on coal-fired power plants to prepare to supply power on Monday given that temperatures are expected to remain near zero even as wind speeds remain low. The notifications that they should be ready - if needed - were served to three coal units owned by Drax and EdF. The plants had been scheduled to close in September but that decision was pushed back until 2024 due to soaring gas prices in the wake of Russia's war on Ukraine. According to Bloomberg data, UK futures remain at over the twice the level typically seen at this time of the year. - The Sunday Telegraph

  • Friday newspaper round-up: Netflix, Home Reit, FTX

    Friday 20 Jan 2023

    (Sharecast News) - Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings, the entrepreneur who reshaped the media landscape and led the charge into streaming, announced he is stepping down as co-chief executive of the company on Thursday. Hastings, 62, co-founded the company in 1997 when Netflix delivered its subscribers movies on DVDs sent in the mail, will become chairman. Greg Peters, the company's chief product and chief operating officer, will join Ted Sarandos, chief content officer, as a co-chief executive. Sarandos was elevated to co-CEO in July 2020. - Guardian

  • Thursday newspaper round-up: Holiday prices, Qinetiq, Tesla

    Thursday 19 Jan 2023

    (Sharecast News) - Prices for package holidays and flights to popular destinations have soared in the last year, according to research. A week-long trip to Greece costs about 30% more than it did last year, with holidays in Italy, Spain and Turkey up by a fifth or more. The sobering figures, from the consumer group Which?, could cause a rethink for those planning to escape the cost of living pressure with a holiday getaway.- Guardian

  • Wednesday newspaper round-up: German economy, Microsoft, Asda/Co-op

    Wednesday 18 Jan 2023

    (Sharecast News) - Germany will avoid a recession this year, Chancellor Olaf Scholz has insisted, despite the energy crisis which has ravaged its economy. Mr Scholz said that new liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals on the Baltic and North Sea coasts would help cushion the blow from the energy crisis on Germany's crucial manufacturing sector. - Guardian

  • Tuesday newspaper round-up: Energy bills, ULEZ, Aveva

    Tuesday 17 Jan 2023

    (Sharecast News) - Jeremy Hunt is facing calls for a "social energy tariff" providing cheaper gas and electricity for low income households to be introduced when government support ends next year. In an open letter to the chancellor, 95 charities and non-profit organisations have urged the government to move quickly to legislate for a change in energy bills for "those in greatest need to ensure they are able to live in their homes comfortably". - Guardian

  • Monday newspaper round-up: Prepayment meters, Revolut, Marks & Spencer

    Monday 16 Jan 2023

    (Sharecast News) - Leading energy suppliers have stopped reclaiming debts from some prepayment meter customers amid calls for an industry moratorium on clawing back money owed through the devices. The Guardian understands that ScottishPower, which has nearly five million customers, has stopped recovering outstanding debts from people who have been moved on to prepayment meters in recent weeks. - Guardian

  • Friday newspaper round-up: Royal Mail, rail strikes, Tim Cook

    Friday 13 Jan 2023

    (Sharecast News) - Royal Mail has been hit by a ransomware attack by a criminal group, which has threatened to publish the stolen information online. The postal service has received a ransom note purporting to be from LockBit, a hacker group widely thought to have close links to Russia. Royal Mail revealed that it had been hit by a "cyber incident" on Wednesday, and said it was unable to send parcels or letters abroad. The company asked customers to refrain from submitting new items for international delivery, although domestic services and imports were unaffected. - Guardian

  • Thursday newspaper round-up: Prepayment meters, Elon Musk, FTX

    Thursday 12 Jan 2023

    (Sharecast News) - Ministers are being urged to stop the forced installation of prepayment meters after revelations that 3.2 million people - the equivalent of one person every 10 seconds - were left with cold and dark homes last year as they ran out of credit. As energy prices surged this winter, suppliers have stepped up the use of court warrants to force their way into homes to install prepayment meters, with some magistrates approving hundreds of applications at a time. For homes with smart meters, the change can be made remotely without even needing a warrant. - Guardian

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