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  • Monday newspaper round-up: Brexit, G4S, Sainsbury's, banks

    Monday 20 Aug 2018

    (Sharecast News) - Britain's political landscape has already been reshaped irrevocably by the Brexit vote. But there is a growing feeling at Westminster that the deep divisions over whether, and how, Britain should break from the EU, cannot be contained within the existing party system. - Guardian

  • Sunday newspaper round-up: Boris Johnson, Brexit, housebuilders, Tesla, Standard Chartered

    Sunday 19 Aug 2018

    (Sharecast News) - Boris Johnson is at the centre of a new row over racism after an investigation into online abuse revealed his official Facebook page hosts hundreds of Islamophobic messages. Under entries that publicise Johnson's articles and speeches, the MP's followers left comments including calls to ban Islam and deport Muslims, as well as vile attacks on the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. - The Sunday Times

  • Friday newspaper round-up: Brexit, Sports Direct, Debenhams, fracking

    Friday 17 Aug 2018

    (Sharecast News) - The European Commission will cause significant and lasting economic harm to millions of families across the continent if it rejects Britain's Brexit plan, Greg Clark, the business secretary, has said. In a significant escalation of the government's rhetoric Mr Clark used a meeting with his Austrian and Finnish counterparts to express dismay at what the government regards as EU intransigence to its proposals. - The Times

  • Thursday newspaper round-up: Brexit, railways, PwC, RBS, Uber

    Thursday 16 Aug 2018

    (Sharecast News) - Road haulage firms have accused Chris Grayling, the transport secretary, of failing to put in place any credible contingency plans for a 'no-deal' Brexit scenario, as well as "knowing nothing" about their industry. Speaking to the Telegraph, industry leaders said they were left astonished in recent meetings with Mr Grayling where he appeared to be unaware that British lorry drivers would not be able to carry goods on the continent if the UK crashes out of the bloc. - Telegraph

  • Wednesday newspaper round-up: CEO pay, rail fares, Intel, House of Fraser

    Wednesday 15 Aug 2018

    (Sharecast News) - Pay for chief executives at Britain's biggest listed companies rose more than six times faster than wages in the wider workforce last year as the average boss's pay packet hit £3.9m. Chief executive pay at businesses on the FTSE 100 index surged 11% on a median basis in 2017 while average worker earnings failed to keep pace with inflation, rising just 1.7%, according to the High Pay Centre's annual review of top pay. - Guardian

  • Tuesday newspaper round-up: Pensions scam, Turkey, EasyJet, ports

    Tuesday 14 Aug 2018

    (Sharecast News) - A TV advertising campaign to warn the public about pension scams is being launched by UK regulators as new figures show that victims are losing an average of £91,000 each. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Pensions Regulator have joined forces on the campaign to raise awareness of the most common tactics used by fraudsters. - Guardian

  • Monday newspaper round-up: Brexit, train fares, Harwood Capital, House of Fraser

    Monday 13 Aug 2018

    (Sharecast News) - Companies are suffering from a "supply shock" as fewer EU citizens come to the UK, and companies struggle to fill vacancies, according to a survey of 2,000 employers. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) said the number of applicants per vacancy had fallen since last summer across all levels of skilled jobs, and said shortages were forcing many companies to raise wages. - Guardian

  • Sunday newspaper round-up: Brexit, accountants, Debenhams, Dixons, WPP

    Sunday 12 Aug 2018

    (Sharecast News) - Supermarket giants have warned the Treasury that a no-deal Brexit would force up the price of the average weekly food basket by as much as 12%. Senior executives from some of the big four supermarkets made the alarming prediction in briefings to the Treasury on the impact on food prices of a no-deal Brexit. The biggest tariffs on imports from the EU could include cheese, up by 44%, beef, up by 40%, and chicken, up 22%. - Sunday Times

  • Friday newspaper round-up: Immigration targets, News Corp, Drop Box, Poundworld

    Friday 10 Aug 2018

    (Sharecast News) - The Confederation of British Industry has urged Theresa May to drop her "blunt target" on immigration numbers and introduce new freedom of movement rules for EU citizens post-Brexit to ensure firms, large and small, can stay in business when the UK leaves the bloc. Outlining the results of a major consultation with business leaders, Josh Hardie, the CBI's deputy director general, said companies believed an injection of honesty was urgently needed in the political debate about migration. - Guardian

  • Thursday newspaper round-up: UK rents, Investec, 21st Century Fox, Barclays

    Thursday 09 Aug 2018

    (Sharecast News) - UK rents are expected to climb by 15% over the next five years, as the supply of rental accommodation dwindles while demand from tenants continues to go up, according to a survey. Rents are expected to increase by nearly 2% across the UK over the next 12 months, according to the latest survey from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics). - Guardian

  • Wednesday newspaper round-up: Tesla, ITV, Sky, Provident Financial

    Wednesday 08 Aug 2018

    (Sharecast News) - Elon Musk has launched a campaign to take Tesla private on a day that included several provocative tweets, a suspension (and resumption) of trading in the company's shares, reports of a significant Saudi investment, a surge in stock price, and an evocative, Musk-tinged appeal to the Tesla faithful: "The future is very bright and we'll keep fighting to achieve our mission." The ride started with Tesla's stock rising more than 7% after Musk tweeted he was "considering taking Tesla private" and had funding in place to do so at a price of $420 (£325) per share. Shortly afterwards, Tesla published a blogpost written by Musk entitled 'Taking Tesla private' that had been sent to all employees. - Guardian

  • Tuesday newspaper round-up: Novichok, US-China trade war, Brexit, Fever-Tree, Aldi

    Tuesday 07 Aug 2018

    (Sharecast News) - Britain is making plans to seek the extradition from Russia of two suspects identified as the perpetrators of the Salisbury poisonings. Scotland Yard detectives are understood to be confident that they have identified the would-be assassins and an extradition request is part of the plan to renew pressure on the Kremlin over the nerve agent attack. - The Times

  • Monday newspaper round-up: Brexit, defence, FCFM, House of Fraser

    Monday 06 Aug 2018

    (Sharecast News) - Britain faces a Japanese-style future of permanently weak economic growth if immigration drops steeply in the years after Brexit, as forecasts indicate the working age population could start to shrink in just nine years' time. As a result the economy would stagnate, investment would slow as businesses see their customer base fall, and Government finances would be put ­under immense strain as larger numbers of pensioners would have to be supported by fewer workers. - Telegraph

  • Sunday newspaper round-up: No-deal Brexit, Sports Direct, FirstGroup, William Hill

    Sunday 05 Aug 2018

    (Sharecast News) - Britain is odds-on to crash out of the European Union without a deal, Liam Fox has warned. The international trade secretary put the chances of a no deal departure at "60-40", squarely blaming the "intransigence" of the European Commission, he said in an interview with The Sunday Times. Fox accused Eurocrats of harbouring a "theological obsession" with EU rules rather than "economic wellbeing", which would lead to "only one outcome".

  • Friday newspaper round-up: Brexit, Brexit, Brexit, BoE

    Friday 03 Aug 2018

    (Sharecast News) - Political chaos has put companies off planning for a no-deal Brexit, research from a leading business group has revealed. Few companies are readying themselves for a no-deal scenario because they are "in the dark" about government plans, the Institute of Directors said. A survey of 800 business leaders carried out by the body revealed that less than a third had done any contingency planning. - Telegraph

  • Thursday newspaper round-up: House of Fraser, US Fed, Bank of England, Iresa Energy, Tesla, Allen & Overy

    Thursday 02 Aug 2018

    (Sharecast News) - House of Fraser is teetering on the brink of collapse after a Chinese investor pulled out of a deal to buy a stake in the ailing department store and inject £70m of funding. In a fresh setback to the chain, which has been fighting for survival since last year, C Banner, the owner of Hamleys toy shop, issued a profit warning and abandoned its plan to invest in House of Fraser yesterday. - The Times

  • Wednesday newspaper round-up: Spending cuts, Brexit, Apple, deficits

    Wednesday 01 Aug 2018

    (Sharecast News) - Philip Hammond has told Whitehall to plan for another round of cuts before next year's spending review, putting him on a collision course with some cabinet colleagues who want tax rises instead of austerity. The chancellor wants ministries without protected budgets, including public health, further education, local government and transport, to work with the Treasury in the summer to identify potential areas for savings. - The Times

  • Tuesday newspaper round-up: Rates, cars, Sports Direct, Vodafone

    Tuesday 31 Jul 2018

    (Sharecast News) - Central bankers around the world may be about to knock stock markets off course by raising interest rates just as "storm clouds are gathering" over the global economy, analysts at a leading Wall Street bank have warned. Markets are at risk of becoming "too complacent" around signs that global trade tensions may be easing, Citigroup analysts declared, at a time when significant geopolitical risks remain and three central banks look set to raise rates. - The Times

  • Monday newspaper round-up: Red Tractor, smart meters, Northern Rail, Lidl, Brexit, Labour Party

    Monday 30 Jul 2018

    (Sharecast News) - Britain's biggest farm-approval scheme is failing to detect breaches of its animal welfare standards because only one in 1,000 farms that it certifies receives an unannounced inspection. Red Tractor, which claims to offer a "cast-iron guarantee" of good welfare, was forced last week to expel a pig farm after being sent undercover footage of frightened animals given repeated shocks with an electric prod. - The Times

  • Sunday newspaper round-up: No-deal Brexit, Thomas Cook, Barclays, Babcock

    Sunday 29 Jul 2018

    (Sharecast News) - Ministers have drawn up plans to send in the army to deliver food, medicines and fuel in the event of shortages if Britain crashes out of the EU without a deal. Blueprints for the armed forces to assist the civilian authorities, usually used only in civil emergencies, have been dusted down as part of the "no deal" planning. Helicopters and army trucks would be used to ferry supplies to vulnerable people outside the southeast who were struggling to obtain the medicines they needed. - The Sunday Times

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