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Q.Tell me more about Research Plus... Top
A. For a short guide on Research Plus click here
Q. I have changed my e-mail address. What do I do? Top
A. To amend your personal details simply log-in to your account and click the 'Update Personal Details' link. This will take you directly to the Profile section where you can change your details. Click the 'GO' button to confirm the changes.
Q. Can I change my username? Top
A. Username is unique combination of symbols and cannot be changed once chosen.
Q. How do I set up e-mail alerts? Top
A. To subscribe for alerts log-in using your username and password. Click on 'My Settings' in the 'My Account' section. Choose the 'Email alerts' link from the 'My Settings toolbar. Tick alerts you wish to receive, choose Alerts style and email frequency andconfirm by clicking 'Save' button
Q. How do I amend or unsubscribe from e-mail alerts? Top

You have completed control over your own account.

Login using your password and username and click on the 'E-mail Subscription and Alerts' link. In 'E-mail Alerts' section choose the type of alerts you wish to amend and switch them on and off depending on your requirements. Click the 'Save' button to confirm the changes.

Q. How do I create a new Portfolio? Top

A. Login using your username and password and click on 'Portfolios'. Go to 'Create a new portfolio' page and type a name of the new Portfolio in Create Portfolio box and click 'Go'.

To rename or delete existing Portfolio go to the 'Set up' page and click appropriate rename/delete link located to the right of each Portfolio name.

Q.How do I add a stock to my portfolio? Top

A. Login using your username and password and click on the 'Portfolios' tab.

To add a stock to your portfolio, click "Add Security To Portfolio". A new window will open where you need to enter a company name or ticker, then click on "Search". Once the look up tool has located your security, check the box and click "Select" (or in some cases "search again"). Your security will then be in your portfolio.

To add holdings click on "add shares" on the right hand side, opposite each security in your portfolio. Enter your details and click on "Save Trade" The page will then confirm what you have entered and allow you to edit your details. To return to your portfolio click on "View Portfolio".

Q.How do I change my existing Research Plus subscription to an annual subscription? Top
A.You will need to cancel your current monthly or quarterly subscription, wait until it has expired then re-sign up for the annual subscription. To cancel please send an email to and we will be more than happy to assist you.
Q. What is Research Plus? Top

A. As it is increasingly important to understand and interact with the market we have developed Research Plus. It allows you to explore what is really going on using a variety of tools with expert insight. It is the only premium package we offer on Digital Look. It is embedded in the site and provides a deeper level of analysis, comment, news, tools and data than what is available as a standard user. The extra level of detail and information can help give private investors a greater understanding as to what is happening in the market from various tools and insight.

Research Plus members have access to Real Time live prices, trades, streaming charting, heat maps and unlimited Level 2 (order book) Real Time data as well as exclusive expert insight into the market and tools to build and test investment strategies.

For more information on what Research Plus is please click here

You could try it for £30 a month or cheaper for a yearly subscription (£20 a month).

Q.How does Research Plus work? Top

A.We have designed the website so that Research Plus is really simple to use. All of the information is provided in the most logical way for your benefit. The premium service is embedded in the normal site and once your status changes to 'premium user' you can enjoy all of the previously hidden areas of the site.

To access the premium areas you must be signed in. The tab Research Plus is the best place to start. Along the left hand menu are lots of links to premium tools and content including; a link for the Real Time the Terminal with unlimited data, Level 2 (the order book), Premium News articles and Premium Strategies to build and back test your strategies.

Q.Who is Research Plus for? Top

A.Research Plus is aimed at private investors who are serious about investing. At less than £1 a day it provides fantastic insight into the market place offering tools and information that can give you the edge when understanding what is happening in the market place.

Research Plus is ideal for those of you who are investing in the short-term or actively daily trading. You will benefit from the vast range of Real Time tools available so you can track the markets as you trade. The Real Time terminal is designed so that you can view lots of Real Time products all at once, in one place. You can see trades going though, the order book, news as it comes through, charting and much more.

For those of you who are interested in longer term trading then the Real Time products are not essential. But the package includes so much more than just Real Time products.

We have a range of experts who cover in-depth news and commentary covering Technical Analysis, company reviews and strategy articles exclusively for Premium users. They have experience spanning 20 years in the industry. Furthermore with Research Plus you can build and test strategies using the premium tools that have been specially developed for investors to test the market. The back tester allows you to explore and study how a strategy will have performed over time.

Q.Why do I need Research Plus? Top

A.To have the upper hand on all of the other private investors out there it is essential to fully understand what is happening in the market place, not solely through pricing but trends, trades and technical analysis too. Research Plus is your tool kit of information where you can build and test your strategies before acting upon them.

Research Plus is for private investors who are serious about success. At less than £1 a day it provides fantastic insight into the market place where the vast amount of information could help make you the best informed decisions with your investments.

Q.Is Research Plus different from any other premium service out there? Top
A.After searching the market place and looking at what else is available we are confident that we are providing a unique package for a fantastic price. We believe Research Plus is excellent value for money at less than £1 a day. Some of our products are unique to Digital Look including; the Real Time terminal package with charting, prices, level 1, level 2, trades, heat maps and more; providing premium news from an in-house team of experts who write for Research Plus; and also our Strategy Back Tester tool to back test strategies against the market.
Q.What is Level 2?Top
A.Level 2 is essentially the order book for UK stocks. When orders are placed, they are placed through many different market makers and other market participants. Level 2 will show you a ranked list of the best bid and ask prices from each of these participants, giving you detailed insight into the price action. Knowing exactly who has an interest in a stock can be extremely useful, especially if you are day trading.
Q.What are the benefits of using Level 2? Top
A.Level 2 Real Time market data provides the most comprehensive and in depth set of data available on trading activity. The benefits include:
  • Level 2 displays the full depth of the market which is essential for an active investor
  • It helps investors to gain a better understanding of the current trends in a security
  • It helps you understand all of the many technical factors that may be influencing the price
  • By looking for trades that take place in between the bid and ask, you can tell when a strong trend is about to come to an end. This is because these trades are often placed by large traders who take a small loss in order to make sure that they get out of the stock in time.
  • By trading with the most important Market Maker for that stock (most frequently trading) when the price is trending, you can greatly increase your odds of a successful trade.
  • The data is streaming live prices so there is no need to refresh the screen
  • You can see the trades as they are going through
  • The terminal shows buy orders against sell orders in a colourful visual view
  • It is set out in a simple way to easily digest at a glance

For unlimited Level 1 and Level 2 data for £1 a day try Research Plus.

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