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Getting Started

The Screener tool allows you to filter the market and zero in on only the companies that meet your investment criteria. You can quickly and easily search for shares showing high yield, rapid growth, good value or strong price movement and many more.

Click on the guide to the right to watch a video walkthrough.

Benefits of this tool

  1. Able to screen international companies.
  2. Use some of our predefined popular screens.
  3. Start from scratch by using the Full Fundamental screener.
  4. Save the screens that you have created.

How To Use

For beginners to screening, we recommend that you start with our Screening Wizard. The Wizard will ask you a series of questions, and will build a custom screen for you based on your responses.

If you want to view and edit the criteria that the Wizard selects, click on the links to view or refine your criteria.

If you would like guidance on popular investment strategies, we recommend you start with one of our Popular Strategy Screens. (See here for some of these screens)

The criteria for these have already been set-up, so you can go straight to the results and see companies that meet these criteria today.

Or, click on the name of the strategy for information on how and why the criteria were selected.

For Intermediate or Experts you can build your own screen by clicking on either Key Fields or Full Fundamental screener.

From there you can start to create your custom screen based on any combination of criteria.

Tip: See our glossary for help with the financial terms used in the screener.

Creating Your Own Screen

If you choose to build your own screen, please follow the steps below.

Step One: Start by selecting the pool of shares that you wish to screen. You can choose either a market Index or a sector. But not both.

If you do not make a selection, the default will be to screen the whole market.

Step Two: Enter values for as few or as many criteria that you choose.

As you tap in your values, the bar at the top of the page will update to show you how many results will be found.

If your criteria are too specific, and no companies meet your criteria this will show as 0.

Tip: Remember to check the unit – i.e. whether you need to enter the values as percentages, in pence/pounds, millions etc.

Step Three: Use the Results Display options to determine how you would like the results displayed, to select how many companies to display and to specify the sort order.

The results are shown in a Performance Table.

Popular Screens

Here are some explanations of our most popular screens which have been put together by our Digital Look experts.

High Yield – this strategy will identify opportunities in large cap companies paying high, consistent dividend yields and positive earnings.

Intrinsic Value – this is a method developed by Benjamin Graham based around finding companies with strong assets buy low, undervalued share prices.

Method Growth – this screens for companies with growing sales, profits and earnings and you will find companies with a better than even chance of appreciating in value and in share price.

Price Trend – this finds companies exhibiting a growing price trend. With momentum, the investor is buying high with the intention of selling higher.

Video Guide

Find out how to use the Stock Screener with our short video guide.

Stock Screener Guide

Note: These are available for all tools.

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