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    Countryside Prope...
    Peel Hunt Limited
    BHP Group
    Peel Hunt Limited
    Hikma Pharmaceuti...
    Morgan Stanley
    Rio Tinto

    Company Name Date Trade Value
       easyJet 13-Jul-20   Buy of £149
       Wetherspoon ... 10-Jul-20   Sell of £5,026k
    Expand Diageo (3) 10-Jul-20   Buy of £8.54k
      Mr Javier Ferrán 10-Jul-20   Buy of £8.27k
      Ms Kathryn Mikells 10-Jul-20   Buy of £162
      Ms Siobhán Moriarty 10-Jul-20   Buy of £108
    Expand Oxford Instr... (2) 10-Jul-20   Buy of £303
      Dr Ian Barkshire 10-Jul-20   Buy of £152
      Mr Gavin Hill 10-Jul-20   Buy of £152
    Expand Tesco (2) 10-Jul-20   Buy of £274
      Mr Dave Lewis 10-Jul-20   Buy of £137
      Mr Alan Stewart 10-Jul-20   Buy of £137
       Meggitt 10-Jul-20   Buy of £149
       Standard Lif... 10-Jul-20   Buy of £127

    Company Name Date Trade Value
       Severfield 13-Jul-20   Buy of £6.15k
    Expand Zotefoams (2) 13-Jul-20   Buy of £302
      Mr David Stirling 13-Jul-20   Buy of £151
      Mr Gary McGrath 13-Jul-20   Buy of £151

    Company Name Date Trade Value
       Nucleus Fina... 13-Jul-20   Buy of £151
       Dart Group 10-Jul-20   Sell of £3,203k
       Impax Asset ... 10-Jul-20   Buy of £1,642k
       RBG Holdings 10-Jul-20   Buy of £68.4k
    Expand RBG Holdings (2) 10-Jul-20   Sell of £68.4k
      Mr Nicola Foulston 10-Jul-20   Sell of £34.2k
      Mr Nicola Foulston 10-Jul-20   Sell of £34.2k
       Union Jack Oil 10-Jul-20   Buy of £25.0k
    Index asc Value asc Chg asc % Chg asc
    ASX 200 5941.10 -36.40 -0.61 %
    ASX All... 6045.50 -43.80 -0.72 %
    CAC 40 4944.26 -111.97 -2.21 %
    Dow Jon... 26085.80 10.50 0.04 %
    FTSE 100 6115.50 -60.69 -0.98 %
    FTSE 250 17143.38 -241.71 -1.39 %
    FTSE Al... 3387.71 -35.35 -1.03 %
    FTSE MI... 19682.67 -320.58 -1.60 %
    FTSE te... 5239.52 -68.41 -1.29 %
    IBEX 35 7294.00 -132.90 -1.79 %
    Nasdaq 100 10602.21 -234.13 -2.16 %
    S&P 500 3155.22 -29.82 -0.94 %
    TSX Com... 15639.41 -74.41 -0.47 %
    Xetra DAX 12547.81 -252.16 -1.97 %
    Company Value Chg
    BT Group 112.65p +1.4%
    WPP 599.40p +1.0%
    Royal Dutch Shell 'B' 1,227.20p +0.8%
    Imperial Brands 1,417.50p +0.7%
    Royal Dutch Shell 'A' 1,287.00p +0.6%
    BP 298.30p +0.6%
    ITV 67.82p +0.4%
    Sainsbury (J) 196.40p +0.3%
    Morrison (Wm) Supermarkets 185.70p +0.2%
    National Grid 870.20p +0.0%
    Company Value Chg
    Halma 2,148.00p -6.2%
    Scottish Mortgage Inv Trust 905.50p -5.6%
    Avast 553.00p -4.4%
    Ocado Group 1,954.00p -3.9%
    Aveva Group 3,929.00p -3.9%
    Persimmon 2,564.00p -3.5%
    Polymetal International 1,559.00p -3.3%
    JD Sports Fashion 624.60p -3.3%
    Rightmove 546.80p -3.1%
    Intermediate Capital Group 1,297.00p -2.9%

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