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  • FX round-up: Are currencies the next ...

    (Sharecast News) - Sterling was slightly weaker at the beginning of the week, with the ongoing concerns around Brexit offsetting the bid resulting ...

  • GBP/USD: Support level holds for now

    The charts for the GBP/USD and the EUR/USD are similar, according to technical analysts at Digital Look. "The main difference is that the 50% Fi...

  • FX round-up: Sterling opens throttle ...

    (ShareCast News) - Sterling opened the throttle Tuesday to drive higher against a raft of currencies and recoup some of its Brexit-induced weakness...

  • EUR/USD: Breaking through resistance ...

    On Tuesday, the EUR/USD was able to move above the resistance level at 1.3305 although not by a very big margin, according to technical analysts at...

  • FX round-up: Dollar firms up as Powel...

    (ShareCast News) - Tuesday saw the greenback firm up against a basket of currencies, as the dollar index managed to climb 0.27% to 93.152 by 1515 G...

  • GBP/USD corrects prior gains

    The strong correction on the GBP/USD is not a big surprise considering the sudden revaluation over a short time span, according to technical analys...

  • EUR/JPY: Major support at 124.92

    The price chart for the EUR/JPY reveals the presence of a major support level at 124.92, where the price has rebounded on two separate occasions, a...

  • GBP/USD dips below 1.65, EUR/USD back...

    The pound has weakened considerably against the US dollar during Friday's European session. The move took place after a dovish speech by Bank o...

  • EUR/USD weakness halted by US growth ...

    The EUR/USD was under strong bearish pressure for most of Wednesday's trading session before the bulls stepped in to prevent a greater fall. Ana...

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    Land Securities G...
    Liberum Capital
    Royal Dutch Shell...
    Carr's Group
    Shore Capital
    Berenberg Bank
    Sanne Group
    OneSavings Bank
    Man Group
    Goldman Sachs
    Intu Properties
    JP Morgan Cazenove
    British Land Company

    Company Name Date Trade Value
       Contour Global 22-May-19   Buy of £20.6k
       Scottish Mor... 22-May-19   Buy of £495

    Company Name Date Trade Value
       Schroder Asi... 22-May-19   Buy of £31.5k

    Company Name Date Trade Value
    Expand 4D Pharma (3) 21-May-19   Buy of £155k
      Mr David Robert Norwood 21-May-19   Buy of £4.80k
      Mr Duncan Joseph Peyton 21-May-19   Buy of £101k
      Mr Alexander James Stevenson 21-May-19   Buy of £50.0k
       SDX Energy I... 21-May-19   Buy of £20.0k
    Expand Coral Products (3) 21-May-19   Buy of £11.2k
      Mr Michael (Mick) Wood 21-May-19   Buy of £3.00k
      Mr Joseph (Joe) Grimmond 21-May-19   Buy of £3.99k
      Mr David Low 21-May-19   Buy of £4.20k
       Newmark Secu... 21-May-19   Buy of £7.20k
       Oriole Resou... 21-May-19   Buy of £4.99k
       Randall & Qu... 20-May-19   Sell of £940k
    Expand Johnson Serv... (2) 20-May-19   Sell of £392k
      Mr Peter Egan 20-May-19   Sell of £62.6k
      Ms Yvonne Monaghan 20-May-19   Sell of £329k
    Expand Mission Mark... (7) 20-May-19   Sell of £65.4k
      Mr David William Morgan 20-May-19   Sell of £3.46k
      Mr Robert Andrew Day 20-May-19   Sell of £19.2k
      Ms Susan Mullen 20-May-19   Sell of £3.49k
      Ms Fiona Elizabeth Ann Shepherd 20-May-19   Sell of £9.05k
      Mr Giles Lee 20-May-19   Sell of £19.2k
      Mr Peter Fitzwilliam 20-May-19   Sell of £4.52k
      Mr James Clifton 20-May-19   Sell of £6.33k
       Woodbois Lim... 20-May-19   Buy of £35.4k
    Expand Chariot Oil ... (2) 20-May-19   Buy of £33.4k
      Mr Chris Zeal 20-May-19   Buy of £10.00k
      Mr George F. Canjar 20-May-19   Buy of £23.4k
    Index asc Value asc Chg asc % Chg asc
    ASX 200 6510.70 10.60 0.16 %
    ASX All... 6598.10 13.70 0.21 %
    CAC 40 5378.98 -6.48 -0.12 %
    Dow Jon... 25784.44 -92.89 -0.36 %
    FTSE 100 7334.19 5.27 0.07 %
    FTSE 250 19307.27 -129.09 -0.66 %
    FTSE Al... 4012.87 -1.57 -0.04 %
    FTSE MI... 20573.31 -125.30 -0.61 %
    FTSE te... 5012.98 20.69 0.41 %
    IBEX 35 9232.20 -6.90 -0.07 %
    Nasdaq 100 7429.74 -21.28 -0.29 %
    S&P 500 2855.80 -8.56 -0.30 %
    TSX Com... 16313.64 -112.83 -0.69 %
    Xetra DAX 12168.74 25.27 0.21 %

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