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    Berenberg Bank
    Burberry Group
    Lloyds Banking Group
    JP Morgan Cazenove
    Wizz Air Holdings
    Berenberg Bank
    Just Eat
    Berenberg Bank
    JP Morgan Cazenove
    Severn Trent
    JP Morgan Cazenove

    Company Name Date Trade Value
       Berkeley Gro... 18-Jul-19   Sell of £37,200k
    Expand Wood Group (... (2) 18-Jul-19   Buy of £10.2k
      Mr Robin Watson 18-Jul-19   Buy of £6.24k
      Mr David Kemp 18-Jul-19   Buy of £3.95k
    Expand Wetherspoon ... (3) 18-Jul-19   Buy of £455
      Mr John Hutson 18-Jul-19   Buy of £152
      Ms Su Cacioppo 18-Jul-19   Buy of £152
      Mr Ben Whitley 18-Jul-19   Buy of £152

    Company Name Date Trade Value
       Photo-Me Int... 18-Jul-19   Buy of £180k
       Manchester &... 18-Jul-19   Buy of £59.6k

    Company Name Date Trade Value
    Expand Polar Capita... (2) 18-Jul-19   Sell of £835k
      Mr Gavin Rochussen 18-Jul-19   Sell of £662k
      Mr Gavin Rochussen 19-Jul-19   Sell of £173k
    Expand ASOS (2) 18-Jul-19   Buy of £150k
      Mr Adam Crozier 18-Jul-19   Buy of £100k
      Mr Nick Beighton 19-Jul-19   Buy of £49.9k
    Expand Robinson (3) 18-Jul-19   Buy of £60.0k
      Mr Sara Halton 18-Jul-19   Buy of £10.0k
      Mr Martin McGee 18-Jul-19   Buy of £20.0k
      Mr Alan Raleigh 18-Jul-19   Buy of £30.0k
    Expand Loopup Group (2) 18-Jul-19   Buy of £39.9k
      Mr Steve Flavell 18-Jul-19   Buy of £15.0k
      Mr Michael Hughes 18-Jul-19   Buy of £24.9k
       Cropper (James) 18-Jul-19   Buy of £13.6k
       Zoo Digital ... 18-Jul-19   Buy of £994
    Index asc Value asc Chg asc % Chg asc
    ASX 200 6700.30 51.20 0.77 %
    ASX All... 6786.20 50.80 0.75 %
    CAC 40 5552.34 1.79 0.03 %
    Dow Jon... 27154.20 -68.77 -0.25 %
    FTSE 100 7508.70 15.61 0.21 %
    FTSE 250 19621.66 86.53 0.44 %
    FTSE Al... 4098.32 9.75 0.24 %
    FTSE MI... 21641.46 -449.35 -2.03 %
    FTSE te... 5191.19 22.80 0.44 %
    IBEX 35 9170.50 -55.20 -0.60 %
    Nasdaq 100 7834.90 -69.24 -0.88 %
    S&P 500 2976.61 -18.50 -0.62 %
    TSX Com... 16485.94 -8.29 -0.05 %
    Xetra DAX 12260.07 32.22 0.26 %

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